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Questions Related To Sale/Purchase

  • Restriction on Title Deed By Guest on 01/07/2020

    My sister and I own 50% of our late father's property. We are named under a restriction but we are both moving - how will we be found when our step-mother passes and we are due that 50%? We are not in contact with her but one of us holds a copy of the T...

  • Charges Register By Guest on 24/06/2020

    Hi, I have some charges on the charges register against my property. I am thinking of selling. As such how do i find out the amount of the charges. Furthermore these are over 8 years old. Will these be enforced on sale?...

  • Stamp duty By Guest on 15/06/2020

    Hi. I current own two properties, one is jointly owned with my mum and the second property is my main residence. I am considering moving from my current property but I am aware I will have stamp duty to pay again, with the additional 3%.
    If I transferred...

  • Right to buy property? By Guest on 12/06/2020

    Is it possible to purchase a right to buy property with a business loan?...

  • First Time Buyer Status By Guest on 10/06/2020

    If a friend and I purchase a buy-to-let residential property through a limited company, would we still be deemed "first-time buyers" for stamp duty purposes when we come to buy our own residential properties in the future? And how can we be sure that advi...

  • Stamp duty tax By Guest on 09/06/2020

    I am separated from my spouse and am in the early stages of divorce. I wish to buy a new property with my new partner which will be our main residence. I still own a property with my x- spouse which will be sold. What level of stamp duty am I expected to ...

  • Liability for Ground Rent prior to purchase. By Guest on 09/06/2020

    An interesting question.
    I bought a flat in 2014. The original leaseholder had not paid ground rent since the development was built, because the freeholder never demanded payment, so there was no debt. Freehold was sold to a new company. They demanded fr...

  • Capital Gains Tax By Guest on 01/06/2020

    Hi, i would like to sell my Buy- to - Let property to purchase a residential property for my self. the property has gained in value since i bought it. will i have to pay CGT on this. is there anything that i can do to save on this amount...

  • 3 person ownership of property By Guest on 01/06/2020

    We want to buy a property with our son (3 way ownership). We would be cash buyers for two thirds of the price and our son would have a mortgage for one third of the price. Is this straight forward and possible....

  • Does the creditor need to sign the PX4 form to release the restriction . Or can the solicitor fill in the form to remove the charge By Guest on 30/05/2020

    Can I send a land registry form PX4 for my solicitor to fill and remove the charge. ...