Tin Mining Search

This is search to see whether a property is in an area which may be adversely affected by past tin or copper mining activity.

Ordering the Search

The search can be ordered in writing from Cornwall Consultants. They will require the address of the property together with a plan and a cheque for their fee, which at the time of writing is around £60. You should telephone or e-mail them (details can be found on the website) to ascertain the correct fee. 

Why order a Tin Mining Search?

A tin mining search will establish whether the property is at risk from subsidence caused by old mine workings. Tin and copper mining was concentrated in the south west of England, so a tin mining search should be considered for properties in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

The Tin Mining Search Result

The result of the search will be in the form of a letter. Hopefully this will say that the property is unaffected by mining activity. If it is in a potentially affected area then a property inspection may be recommended. This involves a survey of the property and a cursory inspection of adjoining land. If this is not sufficient to demonstrate that there is no risk then a mining investigation may be necessary. This involves digging trenches or drilling bore holes to try to identify adverse mining features