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  • do i need planning consent to split my annex from main house By Guest on 28/03/2020

    we want to sepperate the main house and the annex ,so annex has own legel title...

    Planning & Building Regs
  • Removal of Form K Restriction By Guest on 25/03/2020

    There is a Form K Restriction on my property in relation to a Court Order - my ex husband's debt. House is now in my sole name following Consent Order. Land Registry say they can't remove it even though my ex has no legal or beneficial interest in the p...

    Land Registry
  • Landlord served 5A notice to name! By Guest on 25/03/2020

    I and the other leaseholders in my building have been served a section 5A notice offering us the freehold. This fact is great, the premium figure acceptable and the terms are fine. The problem is that my flat's notice has been addressed to the previous ow...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Please help - % share of property By Guest on 24/03/2020

    Hi, please help me, i really need to know the answer but can't afford a solicitor right now. I got divorced but didn't agree a financial settlement, we own a house jointly with a mortgage. I am going to sever the joint tenancy. My question is, can we agre...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Can the contents of a TP1 be changed without our consent By Guest on 23/03/2020

    When we bought our house we were issued with a TP1 which amongst other things showed the land which we would have to contribute towards the cost of maintaining. It also stated that on completion of the estate the land would be transferred to a company wh...

    Land Registry
  • TP1 with restrictions/covenants By Guest on 23/03/2020

    Does a TP1 with a restriction/rights agreement have to be registered on both affected properties title deeds? and if so will it show on the official title deeds of each property? ...

    Land Registry
  • Can i stop transfer of equity once the tr1 has been submitted By Guest on 19/03/2020

    Tr1 has been sent to remove my name from marital home, but I am wondering can I pull out, I am waiting for an ID1 form, if I dont fill this in will the process collapse? ...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Can I split a freehold title? By Guest on 16/03/2020

    I own a house and garden, but included in the title is a small area of land (not attached to house and garden) which currently has a forfeit lease on it. (I own the freehold of the patch of land). There are issues around removing the lease - which caused ...

    Land Registry
  • Porch By Guest on 14/03/2020

    Porch is 5m2, installed in 2004. Should i have got planning permission?...

    Planning & Building Regs
  • Help By Guest on 13/03/2020

    If I become a member and there are things I do do not understand in the process of the transfer of it possible for me to ask for help with it....

    DIY Conveyancing