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  • Deposit of less than 10% By Guest on 26/05/2022

    In your 6.8 you say that on service of a completion notice the buyer must immediately pay the balance of any amount of the deposit if 10% has not been paid in full. However can the contract be rescinded by hte seller if that does happen? If not then the b...

  • Certificate of completion By Guest on 26/05/2022

    I am at the process of buying a 2-3 years old house, this property has a 10 years build market cover insurance by NHBC, But the property does not have certificate of completion for building regulations from LABC, the sellers solicitor has said the NHBC co...

  • TR1 Completion By Guest on 23/05/2022

    Following my divorce my ex wife wanted no interest in the property and a financial order was signed and agreed by a judge saying she had no financial agreement. Three years later after making no payments and seeing the value go up after improvements and p...

    Land Registry
  • Exchange of 2 small plots of land By Guest on 23/05/2022

    I have agreed with my neighbour to exchange a small piece of my field (part of a registered plot) for a small piece of their field (part of a registered plot). Each plot is around 320 square meters. The value of each is the same and small (so no stamp dut...

  • deposit held to order By Guest on 15/05/2022

    when can this be requested...

  • Will I have to pay the higher rate if SDLT? By Guest on 07/05/2022

    I'm recently divorced and looking to buy a new home. It's a little complicated, as when dividing assets we didn't go down the route of selling our home and splitting the proceeds. My ex and I owned our home together as well as a buy-to-let (which was our ...

  • Ground rents By Guest on 06/05/2022

    My father, who has passed away, owned the freehold to a block of flats and charged ground rents to the leaseholders of each flat. My sons have inherited the freehold but how do I change the ownership?...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • gift of my private residence property to daughter and son in law By Guest on 05/05/2022

    Can i complete forms TR1,AP1 myself and take ID1 to solicitor to gift my residence to daughter and son in law....

    Transfers & Gifts
  • We declined a completion statement from Receivers Solicitors By Guest on 28/04/2022

    Our property was taken by lenders, Receivers. We believe our loan was mis-sold, breach of contract with Mortgage Advisor, Broker, Solicitor and Lenders. All parties are aware of us investigating this matter and we have contacted various Obudsmans, SRA, c...

  • Restriction on property - CPS By Guest on 09/04/2022

    Hi, I’m buying my first home and we’re almost at completion however the solicitors said there is a restriction on the house from the CPS and this needs to be lifted before we can buy it. I’m getting abit worried as it’s been 3 weeks now and no cha...