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  • Overage By C Smith on 18/06/2021

    Have you a precedent suitable for use on sale of land with existing planning for commercial use with overage payable if unit sale price exceeds an agreed value? ...

  • Leasehold deed variation By Guest on 17/06/2021

    My Cash buyer has requested a leasehold deed variation and/or Indemnity Indurance. Is this required or just for mortgages?...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Deed to LR with AP1 ? By Guest on 16/06/2021

    Should a house buyers solicitor send the actual house deeds with AP1 to the LR when applying to transfer after completion of sale. The property was already registered with LR so had a title No.

    Land Registry
  • BTL and residential property By Guest on 16/06/2021

    question: I would like to buy a property as BTL being a first-time home owner (130-150K) . Next year I would like to buy a residential property where I will be living...Around 700-800K , what would be my stamp duty on the residential property ?...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Chancery liability By Guest on 15/06/2021

    Asking for a worried relative. Deceased husband handled purchase of a house in 2005, during the searches it was discovered the land previously belonged to the church and there maybe a liability for repairs and he was advised to take out indemnity insuranc...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • £2,600 morgage gift By Guest on 13/06/2021

    I have a questions regarding a small gift amount we are giving to our daughter and future son in law to help along with the deposit of their first home and have been asked for paperwork as if we are buying it. 
    Do we have to produce 3 month banks state...

  • Advice on who is right on a council flat and leasehold flat By Guest on 12/06/2021

    I live in a ground floor council flat and the flat above has been recently sold again. The new owner states on her deeds that she has use to our courtyard opposite entrance from our flat but council have stated that is council property and when the origin...

    Land Registry
  • Simultaneous Exchange Completion - what's the point of a "Contract"? By Guest on 09/06/2021

    I am a cash buyer buying a mortgage free, freehold house, with vacant possession. The seller and I have agreed to "Exchange and Complete" simultaneously. Is there any point in filling in a "Contract" as there is no deposit - the seller will get all his mo...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Unable to contact named person on Land register By Guest on 09/06/2021

    I want to buy the land, an unused layby adjacent A1. I can not make contact with owners who are on land registry. What do i do?...

    Land Registry
  • Does a Conveyancing solicitor acting for the purchaser have to comply with the mortgage lenders handbook? By Guest on 08/06/2021

    If I use a solicitor to buy a property, do they have a responsibility to the lender in accordance to the Mortgage lenders handbook. They are my conveyancing solicitor, not the lenders solicitor....