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  • Fees and what kind of transfer? By Guest on 27/05/2024

    My wife and I jointly own our house. I would like to gift my share of the house. The house is worth £149000 and there will be no transfer of money, no consideration, as this will be a gift. What are the fees payable to Land Registry by check and what kin...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Standard Conditions of Sale By Guest on 26/04/2024

    Who has responsibility and accountability for the request to hold a provional apportionment at the time of sale?...

  • One Property / Two Title Deeds.. By Guest on 23/04/2024

    Our home is considered one property as far as the council tax and all utilities are concerned.
    We combined two properties into one detached house approx 10 years ago.
    Unfortunately we did not request an amalgamation of titles at that point. We had a mor...

    Land Registry
  • An Agreed Notice B132 By Guest on 17/04/2024

    I have reveived a Entry of an agreed notice B132 ffrom a solicitor acting for a credit card debt for £5900 can you advise what to do I am in shock and panic?...

    Land Registry
  • Stamp duty on a share of property By Guest on 05/04/2024

    If my children give me £75,000 each to pay off another debt. Is this a chargeable consideration for getting an equal share into my property worth £700,000. Is there SDLT? This is all our main residence....

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Can you get a mortgage for the house next door? By Guest on 04/04/2024

    Looking to buy next door what is the process to purchase next door? ...

  • use of AS3 and AS1 HM Land Registry forms By Guest on 03/04/2024

    Can I use the AS3 form to split a title deed between 2 beneficiaries? I assume a new title deed will be created for 1 beneficiary and I can use AS1 to change the ownership of the first title deed to the other beneficiary? Or is this the wrong way to go ab...

    Land Registry
  • removing a charge from family on a property By Guest on 18/03/2024

    My father "gifted" me a sum when I bought my ex out of my property and this was put as a charge on my property. He would now like the charge to be removed and the whole property to be in my name. What forms do we need to complete and do we need a conveyan...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Mortgage deed of title By Guest on 18/03/2024

    Back in 2012, the Financial Ombudsman Service ruled in my favour that my mortgage supplier at the time, Kensington, had acted inappropriate and unlawful and denied me access to an insurance taken out at conveyancing. On the mortgage document, Kensington h...

  • Service By Guest on 17/03/2024


    Land Registry