Professional Member's Benefits

Welcome to, we hope you like what you've seen so far. We are currently accepting applications from solicitors and licensed conveyancers to join our referral panel and we'd be delighted to consider your application. Of course, you need to know what the benefits are becoming a panel member, so here they are:

  • we can provide instant quotes on your behalf 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • our simple to use interface offers you the flexibility to tailor your fees as we see fit and unlike some referrers we do not impose any fee limitations on you
  • the quotes are transparent and include a detailed breakdown of charges
  • we operate on a “pay per lead” basis – there are no subscription fees and you only pay per potential client we refer to you
  • if your business doesn't cover the whole country no problem – you can target specific areas by postcode so you only receive leads from clients in the areas you want
  • you are free to switch your account on and off as and when you see fit
  • you have the option to set a monthly budget which can be increased or decreased as you see fit so that you have full control over your spend
  • the referral agreement you will enter into is designed to comply with Principle 9 of the Code of Conduct for Solicitors
  • each new member has the option to take a free, no obligation 28 day trial during which you will have full access so that you can make an informed judgement as to whether the service is right for you
  • you will be invoiced monthly in arrears and our invoices are simple, clear and transparent. You can keep track on your spend during the month using the conveyancer dashboard
  • the majority of the traffic to our website is organic and we will never pay incentives to generate leads
  • Our price per lead is realistic and competitive

So how does the service work?

Visitors usually come to our site thinking that they might do their own conveyancing. Sometimes they do but most often they realise that they cannot (for example because they are taking a mortgage) or it isn't worth the hassle and the risk, so they are then looking for a conveyancer.

Potential clients then enter their details and our automated service takes over and calculates a quote for them based on the fee information you have set up in your control panel. They will be emailed between 3 – 5 quotes from our list of panel firms and each of those firms will receive an email with the potential client's details. It is then up to you to convert that lead into an instruction.

Once we pass on the lead, that's the end of our involvement. You are not obliged to report to us on the progress of any case referred through us nor will we ask you to (save that we will ask you to arrange for clients to complete an anonymous customer satisfaction survey following completion). We will not contact your clients and will not enter into any correspondence with them or become involved in any complaint.

Pricing and Payment

We will charge £3.00 per lead we provide. Once we email the potential client's details to you the charge will become payable. You will be invoiced monthly in respect of leads provided within the previous calendar month. No liability will  be incurred during your free trial period.

If you would like to register for a free trial please follow this link and complete the registration process.

We look forward to welcoming you to our panel.