Useful Transfer Clauses

The transfer deed, which is the document that needs to be presented to the land registry in order to register a change of ownership of land, now comes in one of four standard forms (TR1, TR2, TP1 or TP2). It is sometimes necessary however to add additional non-standard clauses to suit a particular situation and a few useful ones are listed below.

This list will be added to over time, so if you don't find the clause you are looking for either send me an e-mail to [email protected] or come back later.

Indemnity Covenant

The Transferee/s hereby covenant/s with the Transferor/s by way of indemnity only to observe and perform the covenants contained or referred to in the registers of title number and to be liable for any future breach or non-observance thereof

Appointing a Trustee

So that the Transferor can give a good receipt for the purchase price in exercise of her statutory powers appoints to be a trustee of the Property together with