Planning Search

A planning search is not one of the standard conveyancing searches and is not required to be carried out by conveyancing lawyers to satisfy CML requirements however a planning search can be a very useful tool for property buyers when looking to find a property that suits their requirements. A planning search is useful where buyers would like to know more about the surrounding area as well as the property they are purchasing as part of the conveyancing process.

Whereas a local authority will only reveal information about the actual, property being purchased, a planning search will reveal information relating to surrounding properties up to a radius of 250m. In addition a planning search can reveal information about crime rates in the area, the performance of local schools and what services are available, which is information not generally revealed by the conveyancing process but which can be vitally important to purchasers.

Why Order a Planning Search?

If you are a purchaser, it makes sense to order a planning search if you are moving to an area which you do not know well, or if you have children and want to know about local schools or if crime rates are an important factor in your decision whether or not to purchase a property. You might even consider ordering the planning search before you instruct a survey.

If you are a conveyancing lawyer you should probably at least offer your client the option of a planning search and explain what it might reveal in order to ensure that your client is fully informed. A planning search is not currently considered a requirement to satisfy the CML requirement to carry out “all necessary searches and enquiries”.

What Will the Planning Search Reveal?

A planning search will reveal information about the local area such as crime rates, performance of local schools and what local services are available. It will also reveal any planning applications relating land within a 250m radius of the subject property, going back to 1997, so if for example a major new development is planned which might alter the character of the area it would be revealed on a planning search but not on a local authority search.

A planning search will also reveal details of the local authority's planning policies for the area which can be an indicator of what types of development might be approved (or rejected) in future.

Ordering the Planning Search

There are various companies which will supply planningl searches. We have partnered with a reputable specialist search company to make ordering a planning search easier, click link to order.