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Sale & Purchase of property - Conveyancing Information & Guides
DIY conveyancing information, guides and services
Information on Conveyancing Searches – recommended, optional & regional searches
Conveyancing guides and resources to help the DIY conveyancer
Q&A/ 7 pages
Sale/Purchase - Question and Answers from
Land Registry - Question and Answers from
Legal Indemnity Insurance - Question and Answers from
DIY Conveyancing - Question and Answers from
Searches - Question and Answers from
Transfers & Gifts - Question and Answers from
Mortgages - Question and Answers from
bankruptcy-insolvency/ 8 pages
Can I Transfer Property And Go Bankrupt? - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
Bankruptcy Search - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
DIY Conveyancing Purchase - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
Buying From Bankrupt Sellers - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
Is It Possible To Get A Mortgage During Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
Insolvency Indemnity - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
Conveyancing Search Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
Breach Of Contract - Bankruptcy/Insolvency
completion/ 18 pages
Assignment Of Garage Lease - Completion
How To Do A First Registration - Completion
Diy Selling - Completion
Delayed Completion - Completion
Subject To Contract - Completion
Making A Will After Completing - Completion
189 - Completion
What Are Completion Registrati - Completion
Vacating A Property Late... - Completion
Advice On Completed Sale. - Completion
Amendments After Exchange - Completion
Can Not Agree On Completion Date - Completion
The Sale Of My Late Husband's House Ordered By The Court In Order To Pay My Award - Completion
Transfer Of Money - Completion
House Move - Completion
Can Conveyancer Withold Funds? - Completion
Conditional Date For Completion - Completion
Tr1 Signed Can I Complete - Completion
diy-conveyancing/ 44 pages
Transfer Of Property - DIY Conveyancing
Property Purchased Back In September 2005, But It Has Just Come To Light That The Title Transfer Was Not Completed. - DIY Conveyancing
Freeeholder Death - DIY Conveyancing
Legal Indemnity Insurance - DIY Conveyancing
Buying Property - DIY Conveyancing
Why Can I Not Download A Document - DIY Conveyancing
Purchase Without A Solicitor - DIY Conveyancing
Purchase Part Garden Of Adjoining Property - DIY Conveyancing
46 - DIY Conveyancing
Conveyancing Contract - DIY Conveyancing
I Want A Specimen Contract Sal - DIY Conveyancing
Contract 4 - DIY Conveyancing
I Purchased A Property At The - DIY Conveyancing
Transfer Deeds To Parent - DIY Conveyancing
Straightforward Property Purchase - DIY Conveyancing
Conveying Freehold Property - DIY Conveyancing
Building Regulations Query - DIY Conveyancing
103 - DIY Conveyancing
Selling My House (no Mortgage) - DIY Conveyancing
Loft Demise - DIY Conveyancing
Buying A Repossessed Property - DIY Conveyancing
How Do I Ask - DIY Conveyancing
Title Register In Maiden Name - DIY Conveyancing
Sign Off Land Registry - DIY Conveyancing
Witness - DIY Conveyancing
DIY Conveyancing Kit - DIY Conveyancing
Dating Deed Of Assignment - DIY Conveyancing
Diy Transfer Kit - DIY Conveyancing
Leasehold Property - DIY Conveyancing
Deeds For Partner - DIY Conveyancing
Water And Drainage Search - DIY Conveyancing
Title Deeds & Residency - DIY Conveyancing
Private Water Supply - DIY Conveyancing
Getting Planning Permission - DIY Conveyancing
Selling Land In A Private Sale - DIY Conveyancing
Exchange And Completion Using Formula A, What Do I Need To Do? - DIY Conveyancing
Are You Familiar With Restriction Notices With Land Registry? - DIY Conveyancing
Can My Mother Add Me To The Ownership Of Her Property (I.e Equity Transfer) If There Is An Equity Release Loan Against The Property? - DIY Conveyancing
Family Sale - DIY Conveyancing
Unable To Download - DIY Conveyancing
SDLT1 Form - DIY Conveyancing
Local Authority Search - DIY Conveyancing
ID1 Certification - DIY Conveyancing
land-registry/ 79 pages
Freehold - Land Registry
Tranfer Of Title As A Gift. - Land Registry
Person Who Owns House Dies, Can Their Partner Keep It - Land Registry
Form AN1 - Land Registry
Repaying Mortgage - Land Registry
Neighbours From Quite Far Away Stating We Are Not Allowed To Cut Down Trees On Land That We Have Pos - Land Registry
Ground Rent - Land Registry
Claiming Ownership Of Waste Land - Land Registry
First Registration Application - Land Registry
Good Leasehold Title - Land Registry
Possessory Title - Land Registry
Can I Found Out Who Owns A Property? - Land Registry
Rewriting Freehold And Leasehold Titles - Land Registry
Who Can Help Me Fill Forms FR1 - Land Registry
What Does This Mean? - Land Registry
[email protected] - Land Registry
Statement Of Truth - Land Registry
How Do I Enter A Restriction - Land Registry
Simple Title Split - Land Registry
I Am Extending My Lease - Land Registry
Order Form(s). - Land Registry
Filled In Ditch - Land Registry
Why Register - Land Registry
Shared Ownership Of Freehold - Land Registry
FR 1 Form Filling - Land Registry
Land Registry Restriction - Land Registry
New Lease-charge On Freehold - Land Registry
128 - Land Registry
Amendment To Title Deed - Land Registry
Land Registry Restriction 2 - Land Registry
How Do We Split The Title Of L - Land Registry
Removing Restriction On Title - Land Registry
How To Complete Form FR1 & ST1 - Land Registry
Removal Of Unregisterd Lease - Land Registry
Tr1. Document. Box 10. - Land Registry
Matrimonial Land Registry - Land Registry
Incorrect Title Plans - Land Registry
Appointment Of New Trustee - Land Registry
Tennants In Common - Land Registry
Bankruptcy Forfeit Clause - Land Registry
Second Trustee - Land Registry
J 6 - Land Registry
What Is A Form RX1 - Land Registry
A Fraudulent Charge On My Pro - Land Registry
House Deeds Transfer - Land Registry
How Do I Change My Address On - Land Registry
Changing From Tenants In Commo - Land Registry
Gifting A Property - Land Registry
An1 Form - Land Registry
Share Of Freehold - Is An ID1 Form Needed? - Land Registry
Unilateral Notice - Land Registry
Land Registry - Land Registry
Split Of Deed - Land Registry
Transfer Of Legal Ownership - Land Registry
Transfer Deeds - Land Registry
Agricultural Land Transfer - Land Registry
Restriction In The Proprietorship Register - Land Registry
DIY Unilateral Notice Registering Without The Use Of A Solicitor? - Land Registry
Out House That Hasn't Been Recognised Or Marked On The Deeds - Land Registry
What Is The Purpose Of The Property Document Known As The Official Copies Of The Register? - Land Registry
Form AN1 - Land Registry
Property - Land Registry
Charges In Title Deeds - Land Registry
How Much Would It Cost To Remove The Garage From The Title Deeds - Land Registry
Title Absolute. - Land Registry
Os1 - Land Registry
Registering As Tenants In Common - RX1 Or TR1? - Land Registry
Adding Partner To Land Registry - Land Registry
Official Copies Of The Register - Land Registry
Adding Partner To Land Registry - Land Registry
Removing A Covenant ? - Land Registry
Any Idea What This Means? - Land Registry
If You Have A Legal Aic Statutory Charge Would It Be Recorded At The Land Registry By Notice - Land Registry
Missing Land Transfer Document - Land Registry
Is A Public Footpath A Disclosable Overriding Interest - Land Registry
Where To Locate It - Land Registry
Notice Of Interest. Land Registry - Land Registry
Share Ownership - Land Registry
landlord-leases/ 20 pages
Extension Of Lease - Landlord & Leases
Deed Of Variation - Landlord & Leases
LPE1 Permission To Assign - Landlord & Leases
Landlord Consent - Landlord & Leases
Selling Share Of Freehold Flat - Landlord & Leases
Form RX4 - Landlord & Leases
Freehold For Leasehold Land - Landlord & Leases
Lease Defect - Landlord & Leases
Leasehold Land Be Split & Sold - Landlord & Leases
Dispute Over Section 20 Major Works Arrears / Stopping Sale Of Flat - Landlord & Leases
Leasehold Deeds - Landlord & Leases
LPE1 Form - Landlord & Leases
My Friend Granted A 12 Year Lease To A Company In 2005. About 7 Years Ago The Company Left The Property Owing A Lot Of Rent. The Company Has Since Been Dissolved. How Can My Friend Get The Lease Removed From His Land Registry Title, Please ? - Landlord & Leases
Special Conditions Sale At Auction - Are They Binding? Do They Include Legal Costs? - Landlord & Leases
Going Down A Private Lease Extension - Landlord & Leases
Freeholder Applying For A Change Of Use Commercial To Residential - Landlord & Leases
Superior Lease Sub Lease - Landlord & Leases
Being Held To Ransom By Shared Freeholders - Landlord & Leases
Can I Claim From The Landlord Next Door As In 2006 He Was Told About Mould In His Property And Now It's In My House On The Wall Between Out Property's As This Hasn't Been Fixed By A Proper Builder - Landlord & Leases
Buying Freehold / Unregistered Land - Landlord & Leases
legal-indemnity-insurance/ 27 pages
Why Would The Lender Require For The Indemnity Policy To Cover The Ourchase Price - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Dissolved Management Company - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Lack Of Planning Permission - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Cost Of Flying Freehold Insura - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Bespoke Indemnity Insurance - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Mrs K J Dyer - [email protected] - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Exchange / Completion - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Indemnity For Failed Search - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Missing Information Policy - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Dissolved Freeholder - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Unknown Covenants - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Indemnity Insurance 2 - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Unregistered Land - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Indemnity Insurance 4 - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Leasehold 4 - Legal Indemnity Insurance
COVENENT IN CHARGES REGISTER - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Indemnity Insurance 5 - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Lease Breach Indemnity Policy - Legal Indemnity Insurance
I Want To Sell My House - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Selling Leasehold Flat With Velux Window Installed Without Freeholder Consent - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Q - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Indemnity Insurance, No Original Leasehold Copy/ No Planning Permission For Extension Built 15+ Years Ago - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Purchasing A New Home Where The Seller-developer Has Adverse Possession - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Invalid Indemnity Insurance - Legal Indemnity Insurance
Chancel Indemnity Policy - Legal Indemnity Insurance
I Had A Boiler Installed Three Years Ago But I Don't Have Paperwork For This, I'm Selling My House Now So Do I Need An Indemnity Policy For This? - Legal Indemnity Insurance
mortgages/ 18 pages
Cut Off Time For Completion For Bank Tranfers - Mortgages
Foreclosure After Exchange Of Contracts - Mortgages
Allowances - Mortgages
ID1 For Deed Of Postponement? - Mortgages
Equity Transfer I Don't Want To Add My Partners Name To The Mortgage - Mortgages
Section 38 For New Build House - Mortgages
Possessory Title 2 - Mortgages
Joint Ownership No Mortgage - Mortgages
Can I Make A Contractual Agreement Before Buying A Property With A Partner, Using A Mortgage, With Regards To What Would Happen If One Of Us Decides To Move On. - Mortgages
Remortgages On A Pre Emption - Mortgages
Transfer Of Equity - Mortgages
Partner On Deeds - Mortgages
Joint Mortgage But Not Entitled To Equity? - Mortgages
Governments New Stamp Duty March 2016 Rules And Changing From A Residential To A Buy To Let Rule Changes? - Mortgages
Me And My Dad Own A Leasehold Property, Is It Possible For Us To To Have My Name And Remove His? - Mortgages
How Can I Transfer A Leasehold Mortgage To My Son - Mortgages
Pre-Emption - Mortgages
Risk Of Exchange Before Completing - Mortgages
neighbour-disputes/ 3 pages
Neigbour Build Trespass - Neighbour Disputes
How Can The Fellow Freeholders Of My Late Father's Building Hold Up A Sale Of His Flat? - Neighbour Disputes
Covenants - Neighbour Disputes
planning-building-regs/ 13 pages
Certificate - Planning & Building Regs
Share Of Freehold Permissions - Planning & Building Regs
Planning Permission Conditions - Planning & Building Regs
Lack Of Completion Certificate - Planning & Building Regs
Planning Indemnity Policy - Planning & Building Regs
Residential/agricultural Land - Planning & Building Regs
If We Have Signed Plans Approved Buy The Other Freeholders Can They Change Their Mind? - Planning & Building Regs
Poor Insulation - Did The House Insulation It Contravene The Building Regs When Built In 2002-4? If So, What Can I Do About It? - Planning & Building Regs
Building Regulations - Planning & Building Regs
Building Compliance Certificate - Planning & Building Regs
Indemnity Insurance - Planning & Building Regs
Incorrectly Installed Central Heating - Planning & Building Regs
Restrictive Covenant - Planning & Building Regs
protocol-forms/ 2 pages
National Conditions Of Sale 20th Edition - Protocol Forms
Misrepresentation - Protocol Forms
sale-purchase/ 89 pages
Switching Freehold - Sale/Purchase
DIY Conveyancing For Sale Of Leasehold Flat With Share Of Freehold - Sale/Purchase
Selling A Flat To My Partner - Sale/Purchase
Retentions For Excess Service Charges - Sale/Purchase
Boiler Service Compulsory? - Sale/Purchase
Do I Require A Solicitor - Sale/Purchase
Selling A Property 2 - Sale/Purchase
Late Completion - Sale/Purchase
Mortgage - Sale/Purchase
Delayed Completion - Sale/Purchase
Mortgage Delay - Sale/Purchase
Mr Beale - Sale/Purchase
TERMINOLOGY - Sale/Purchase
Can My Buyers Deposit Be Used By Me On A Rental Property - Sale/Purchase
5th Edition Contract - Sale/Purchase
Can I Purchase An Apartment? - Sale/Purchase
Indemnity Insurance - Sale/Purchase
Notice Of Assignment - Sale/Purchase
Gone Pass LSD... What Happens - Sale/Purchase
Building Regs - Sale/Purchase
Leasehold Charges Responsibility - Sale/Purchase
SPIF - Sale/Purchase
SPIF Form - Sale/Purchase
Can We Borrow From A Business - Sale/Purchase
Sale Of Single Garage In Block - Sale/Purchase
Negative Equity - Sale/Purchase
Stamp Duty Query - Sale/Purchase
Conveyancing 3 - Sale/Purchase
Right To But Purchase - Sale/Purchase
Insufficient Funds To Complete - Sale/Purchase
Sellers Property Info Form - Sale/Purchase
Draft Transfer - Sale/Purchase
Ownership Of A Freehold - Sale/Purchase
Third Party Interest - Sale/Purchase
Delayed Completion On Purchase - Sale/Purchase
Completion Of Sale - Sale/Purchase
Retention Clause - Sale/Purchase
Agents Commission - Sale/Purchase
Utility Bill Payments - Sale/Purchase
Selling A Flat - Sale/Purchase
Drainage And Rainwater - Sale/Purchase
Deposit Money - Sale/Purchase
Deposit 3 - Sale/Purchase
Reverse Deposit - Sale/Purchase
Selling A House And Purchasing - Sale/Purchase
Proof Of Funds - Sale/Purchase
Purchasing From Executors - Sale/Purchase
Land Registration Fee For A Fi - Sale/Purchase
Access - Sale/Purchase
Son Selling House To Father - Sale/Purchase
Hi, - Sale/Purchase
Sitting Tenants In Annexe - Sale/Purchase
Leasehold 3 - Sale/Purchase
Purchase Deeds - Sale/Purchase
Management Pack - Sale/Purchase
Buying A Leashold Shared Freehold - Sale/Purchase
Leases On Freehold - Sale/Purchase
Leases On Freehold - Sale/Purchase
Leases On Freehold - Sale/Purchase
Estate Agent Asking How Much Inheritance/savings - Sale/Purchase
Indemnity Policy For Unregistered Land - Sale/Purchase
Contract Of Transfer - Sale/Purchase
Housing Asc Land? - Sale/Purchase
House Selling - Sale/Purchase
Buying A Property Due To Be Repossessed - Sale/Purchase
Purchasing Family Property - Sale/Purchase
Selling My Garage - Sale/Purchase
Bad Weather - Sale/Purchase
Proof Of Funds Before An Offer - Sale/Purchase
Conveyancing Fees - Sale/Purchase
Central Heating Working Order? - Sale/Purchase
Restictions - Sale/Purchase
We Have Purchased A House, But There Is A Problem With Registration At Land Regisrty - Sale/Purchase
Problems With Land Flooding On Property Not Dis-closed - Sale/Purchase
The Lease Is Lost - Sale/Purchase
Gift Half Or My Property To My Wife - Sale/Purchase
How Long Will Exchange Of Contract Take - Sale/Purchase
"title" Of Property ? - Sale/Purchase
How Long Does It Take For A Court Order To Be Changed? - Sale/Purchase
Freeholder Solicitor Refusing To Answer Seller's Conveyancer Leasehold Questions - Sale/Purchase
Strip Of Land Adjoining Property - Sale/Purchase
Exchange Of Contracts - Sale/Purchase
Planning Permission - Sale/Purchase
Does My Landlord Have To Issue The Management Pack To The Occupier For Free? - Sale/Purchase
Can A Condition Be Placed On A Contract That Sale Only Goes Through At Current Market Value If Buyer Able To Sell Own Home And If That Takes Place Next Tax Year In Which Tax Year Is Contract Date For CGT Purposes. - Sale/Purchase
Price Paid £995 Jan 2014 Asking £450k Toady - Sale/Purchase
Contracts Exchanged But Garage Not Included - Sale/Purchase
Hi I Am Looking To Purchase A Residential Property With My Partner And Parents We Will Have Unequal Shares So Will Do The Tenants In Common Root. My Parenrs Wants To Own Their Share Outright But Me And My Partner Want To Get A Mortgage On Our Share. Can - Sale/Purchase
Boiler Indemnity Or Building Control Rationalization Certification, Best In Long Run? - Sale/Purchase
searches/ 17 pages
I Need A Drainage And Water Search For My Property. How Quickly Can I Receive One And How Much Will - Searches
Planning Applications For Surrounding Land - Searches
Bankruptcy Searches - Searches
Apply Online - Searches
Boundary Markings - Searches
Newly Bought House Which Flood - Searches
Gypsum Search - Searches
When Should A Pre-completion S - Searches
Local Authority Searches - Searches
Coal Mining Search - Searches
Search Validity - Searches
Cmra Report - Searches
Search - Searches
Title Deed Question - Searches
Would The Halifax Accept Indemnity For Late Local Search Result - Searches
We Are Currently Remortgaging And Have Been Sent A Letter Via Natwest Solicitors Which States That A Restriction Has Been Placed On Our Property Which Will Need To Be Lifted Before Completion. - Searches
Joint / Shared Conveyancy Searches - Searches
transfers-gifts/ 37 pages
Gift To Son - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Land - Transfers & Gifts
Equity Transfer - Transfers & Gifts
Property Transfer Following Divorces - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Equity - Transfers & Gifts
Change Of Freehold Owner - Transfers & Gifts
Right To Buy Transfer - Transfers & Gifts
Local Land Registry Offices - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Name On Deeds. - Transfers & Gifts
Deed Transfer - Transfers & Gifts
How Long To Transfer Title - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Equity 2 - Transfers & Gifts
Remortgage And Restrictions - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Property - Transfers & Gifts
Fail To File TR1 - Transfers & Gifts
Tranfer Of Ownership - Transfers & Gifts
Freeholder Responsibilities - Transfers & Gifts
Money Or Property To Daughter - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Deed To House - Transfers & Gifts
Restrictive Covenant On Transfer Of Land - Transfers & Gifts
Title Deeds - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer A Property As Gift - Transfers & Gifts
I Am Splitting My Deeds Into 2 Properties, Am I Liable For Stamp Duty? - Transfers & Gifts
Trf Of Property To Daughter - Transfers & Gifts
Can I Transfer Equity Via A Solicitor Even If My Mortgage Company No Longer Offer This Service? - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Ownership - Transfers & Gifts
Gifting Land In A Shared Freehold - Transfers & Gifts
EQUITY TRANSFER - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Equity -charges - Transfers & Gifts
Transfer Of Portion Of Portionof Property From Joint Into Sole Name - Transfers & Gifts
Reversing A Transfer - Transfers & Gifts
Deed Of Gift - Transfers & Gifts
What Ids And Searches Are When Recieving Money As A Gift For Buying A House - Transfers & Gifts
Change To Share Of Ownership (reducing Share Rather Than Removing Entirely) - Transfers & Gifts
Declaration Of Trust To Allocate Rental Income - Transfers & Gifts
Deed Of Gift To Son Of A House To Live In - Transfers & Gifts
Assenting Legal Title Through Probate? - Transfers & Gifts
conveyancing-searches/ 19 pages
Conveyacing Chancel Repair Liability Search
Overview Of Different Types Of Conveyancing Searches
Conveyancing Searches That Are Relevant By Location Of The Land
Drainage & Water Search (Con29DW Enquiry)
Environmental Search Information And Ordering
Local Authority Search - Personal And Official Searches
Search Of The Index Map (SIM)
British Waterways And Canal Search - How To Apply And How To Interpret
Cheshire Brine Mining Search - Conveyancing Search
China Clay Mining Search - Conveyancing Search
Coal Mining Search And Reports
Commons Registration Search - Commons Registration Act 1965
Flood Search - Checking Risk Of Flooding
Gypsum Mining Search Conveyancing Report
Lead Mining Search During Conveyancing
Limestone Mining Search Report
Tin Mining Search Report
Details Of High Speed Rail HS2 Conveyancing Search
Planning Search For Residential Property Purchase
diy-conveyancing/ 12 pages
DIY Conveyancing Risks - Advantages And Disadvantages
Form ID1/2 And Land Registry ID Requirements
Building Regulations Approval In Relation To A Residential Conveyancing Sale Or Purchase
Common Title Defects In Conveyancing Transaction
The CML Handbook Explained In Clear And Simple Terms Rule By Rule
Disclosable Overriding Interests - What Are They And What Should I Do
Finding A Solicitor And Choosing A Property Conveyancer
Legal Indemnity Insurance And When You Should Consider And Obtain
Notices And Restrictions In Land Registry Charges Register
Planning Permission Issues With Property Conveyancing
Powers Of Attorney
Useful Transfer Clauses And Transfer Deed (TR1, TR2, TP1 Or TP2)
guides-resources/ 39 pages
Draft Conveyancing Contract And Standard Conditions
Draft Unregistered Land Conveyancing Contract And Standard Conditions
Epitome Of Title
Fixtures, Fittings & Contents Form
Flat Lease - Specimen
Guide To Standard Conditions Of Sale (4th Edition)
House Lease - Specimen
Draft Leasehold Contract
Leasehold Enquiries - Example
Leasehold Information Form
National Conditions Of Sale 20th Edition
Notice Of Assignment
Notice Of Assignment & Charge
Property Report
Purchase Completion Statement
Replies To Requisition On Title Form
Completion Information And Requisitions On Title Form
Sale Completion Statement
Sample Drainage Search Result
Sample Office Copy Entries
Sellers Property Information Form
Standard Conditions Of Sale (5th Edition)
Standard Conditions Of Sale 3rd Edition
Standard Conditions Of Sale 4th Edition
Statutory Declaration As To Equitable Interest Form
Statutory Declaration As To Equitable Interest On Death Of Tenant In Common
Convenant For Mortgage Conditions
Transfer Of Equity Kit
Declaration Of Trust
Deed Of Covenant
Deed Of Easement
Deed Of Rectification
Law On Covenants Ebooklet
Statutory Declaration As To Right Of Way Form
Sample Coal Authority Search Result
Sample Common Search Result
Sample Environmental Search Result
Sample Local Authority Result
Specific Sale & Purchase Conveyancing Guides & Resources
order/ 2 pages
Order Official Land Registry Title Registers, Plans, Transfers & Leases
Order conveyancing searches incl Local Authority, Con29DW & Envirnomental
quote/ 4 pages
Request a conveyancing quote and compare prices
Request a property valuation online – What is your house worth?
Removal Services
Property Surveyors
register/ 1 pages
UK Free Conveyancing Advice
remortgages-transfers/ 3 pages
Remortgage Conveyancing Process
Transfer By Way Of Gift Conveyancing Transaction
A Guide To DIY Transfer Of Equity And Steps To Complete
sale-purchase/ 21 pages
Conveyancing Contracts For Sale And Purchase
Examples Of Pre-Contract Conveyancing Enquiries
Exchanging A Conveyancing Contract
Mortgage Offers In The Conveyancing Process
Guide To Understanding Land Registry Official Copy Entries
Sellers Leasehold Information Form (SLIF) Information
Sellers Property Information Form (SPIF)
Standard Conditions Of Sale (5th Edition)
Registering A Property Purchase, Completing The AP1 Conveyancing Form
Completion Of A Conveyancing Transaction
Land Registry Pre-completion Searches - OS1, OS2 & OS3
Completion Information And Requisitions On Tile Conveyancing
Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)
Property Transfer Deed (Land Registry TR1)
Deducing Title To Unregistered Land
Overview Of Removal Services - What To Expect And Is Included
Conveyancing Guide For Purchasers When Buying Property
Conveyancing Guide For Sellers In The Property Sales Process
Shared Ownership Leasehold Conveyancing Guide
Property Surveys - Full Structural Surveys, Homebuyers And Lenders Valuations - Which Do You Need?
Conveyancing Disbursements - Types And Circumstances You May Encounter