Remortgages & Transfers

  • Remortgage Conveyancing

    Remortgage Conveyancing

    This section is a guide to carrying out the conveyancing work in respect of a remortgage transaction where the mortgage lender is a bank or building society (i.e. not a private individual). Although this guide is primarily aimed at conveyancers since...

  • Transfer of Equity

    Transfer of Equity

    Transfer of equity is the term used to describe a change of ownership where at least one of the original owners remains on the legal title after the transfer of equity is completed. It will typically be done where a couple who own a property jointly ...

  • Transfer by way of gift

    Transfer by way of gift

    A Transfer by way of gift, sometimes called a deed of gift, describes a transaction whereby the owner of a property entirely relinquishes his interest in a property to another otherwise than for valuable consideration. "Valuable consideration" means ...