China Clay Mining Search

This is mining search, to establish whether the property is on land with known clay deposits which may be worked in the future, or whether it has been mined in the past.

Why order a China Clay Search?

For properties in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset a search should be considered to establish whether the property is likely to suffer from subsidence due to past mining activities. Current clay mining is now restricted to the areas around St Austell and Dartmoor. If the property is in these areas the search will reveal whether there are deposits of clay which may be worked in the future.

Ordering the search

We have partnered with a reputable specialist search company to make ordering a china clay search easier, click link to order.

The Result

I must confess to never having seen the result of a clay mining search, and if any reader has an example which I may use for this site I would be very much obliged. I would assume however that the information provided would be similar to any other mining search in that it would give information on any past, present or proposed future mining activity on the land. Any risk of subsidence should be reported to purchaser and lender and the purchaser should be advised to inform his insurance company.