Gypsum Mining Search

This is a search to establish whether a property is built on or near to a former Gypsum mine. Gypsum is a mineral used in the production of plaster, plasterboard and cement.

Why order a Gypsum search?

Abandoned opencast gypsum mines are often backfilled and the waste from mines is dumped in landfills. This land is often then reclaimed for housing. A gypsum search will establish whether it is likely that the property will suffer from mining subsidence. Gypsum mining takes place (or has taken place) in East Sussex, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Cumbria, with the highest level of activity being in East Sussex.

Ordering the search

There are various companies which will supply gypsum searches. We have partnered with a reputable specialist search company to make ordering a gypsum search easier, click link to order.

The Gypsum Search Result

The search should advise whether the property is on or near the site of a mine or former mine. If it is then further investigations may be necessary.