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Questions Related To Land Registry

  • Removal of Form K Restriction By Guest on 25/03/2020

    There is a Form K Restriction on my property in relation to a Court Order - my ex husband's debt. House is now in my sole name following Consent Order. Land Registry say they can't remove it even though my ex has no legal or beneficial interest in the p...

    Land Registry
  • Can the contents of a TP1 be changed without our consent By Guest on 23/03/2020

    When we bought our house we were issued with a TP1 which amongst other things showed the land which we would have to contribute towards the cost of maintaining. It also stated that on completion of the estate the land would be transferred to a company wh...

    Land Registry
  • TP1 with restrictions/covenants By Guest on 23/03/2020

    Does a TP1 with a restriction/rights agreement have to be registered on both affected properties title deeds? and if so will it show on the official title deeds of each property? ...

    Land Registry
  • Can I split a freehold title? By Guest on 16/03/2020

    I own a house and garden, but included in the title is a small area of land (not attached to house and garden) which currently has a forfeit lease on it. (I own the freehold of the patch of land). There are issues around removing the lease - which caused ...

    Land Registry
  • Parking ownership dispute By Guest on 12/03/2020

    5. The right to park one car that is owned by the Transferee only in one of the spaces in the area hatched black on the plan until such time that the Transferor serves notice in writing on the Transferee that the land hatched black is to be devel...

    Land Registry
  • transfer 50% of property on death of joint ownership By Guest on 12/03/2020

    My wife has died and we jointly owned the house. Her will transfers 50% to a trust...

    Land Registry
  • Land registry document still has ex husband's name on By Guest on 09/03/2020

    Bought a house in 1994 with my husband. We later divorced and I bought him out and took on the motgage in my sole name which has now finished. Lender has now sent me charge certificate which still has my ex husbands name on. Do I need to do anything?...

    Land Registry
  • Purchased Hedge worry. By Guest on 07/03/2020

    I purchased half the boundry hedge between my property and the adjoining field from the owner in order to widen my driveway. We made out a letter between ourselves and signed it, with details of price, date and names on it but we didnt put it on our deeds...

    Land Registry
  • Trustee land registry By Guest on 06/03/2020

    Hi can anyone help
    Parents left house to myself and sibling Brought brother out so property is in my name only eg I own it
    Now in middle of Selling house & just found out that my old solicitor never took his name off as a trustee on deeds-land registe...

    Land Registry
  • Land Access By Guest on 04/03/2020

    Our local housing association are planning to build an 8m high dwelling on there land at the bottom of our garden and have denied us access to the adjoining land but for a fee of £102 per annum would allow us access. Our Land Registry states we g...

    Land Registry