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Questions Related To Land Registry

  • Removal of a charge on a property By Guest on 13/08/2022

    There is a charge on my late mother’s house in favour of a company which was dissolved in 2011. There is no info on what it was for or that anything is owed. The Treasury solicitor was happy for the charge to be removed, but the Land Registry disagreed ...

    Land Registry
  • Right of way By Guest on 10/08/2022

    We own land on which a neighbour claims a right of way. Should this be on our Deed or theirs? We seem to have no documentation....

    Land Registry
  • executor By Guest on 05/08/2022

    Title ...

    Land Registry
  • Historic toilet block on neighbours land By Guest on 03/08/2022

    I am in a row of terraces - with a right of way over the back of the two others for taking bins out etc . . The end terrace has a historic carriageway (now their drive) and on the deeds show a toilet block, one toilet that belonged to my house . When thes...

    Land Registry
  • Removing a second charge when company is dormant By Guest on 30/07/2022

    I was hoping to exchange on a property last week until our solicitor found an additional (second) charge on the property we're looking to purchase; said solicitor was already aware of one mortgage, but not the other. This additional mortgage dates to the ...

    Land Registry
  • TR1 not being signed By Guest on 28/07/2022

    I am the beneficiary of my house as ex went bankrupt so he has no financial interest in my property but he won’t sign the tR1, how do I get it done as trying to remortgage ...

    Land Registry
  • How do I claim unregistered land. By Guest on 23/07/2022

    I have a small area of land that connects my drive to the street which does not show up on mine or my neighbours title deeds. How do I go about registering it so that I can have it properly maintained by having it completely tarmacked. I originally used t...

    Land Registry
  • Legal charge removal By Guest on 19/07/2022


    I currently own a property that was in part funded by a deposit contribution from my father. At the time, it was decided that this would be protected for him by setting up a second legal charge that is registered on the land registry. I am currentl...

    Land Registry
  • Change of Restrictor By Guest on 30/06/2022

    Hello. I live overseas. In 1986 I drew up a deed of trust with my parents. This was related to my helping in the purchase of their home, and in particular, the placing of a Restriction on UK Land register. Title number GM282134
    Since the death of both my...

    Land Registry
  • My title deeds for land refer to an old lease, but there is no lease title number shown? By mrche on 27/06/2022

    Does this mean its not valid anymore? ...

    Land Registry