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Questions Related To Land Registry

  • Rentcharge By Guest on 01/06/2020

    I have lived in a house 14 years and never asked for Rentcharge. I am now remortgaging and the lender is insistent I take out an indemnity policy? Can i still be asked for the Rentcharge even after the 12 year time has elapsed?...

    Land Registry
  • If the beneficiary refuses to get probate and register property in their name By Guest on 28/05/2020

    Is there a way to force a beneficiary to do probate/letters of administration?...

    Land Registry
  • What does this mean By Guest on 27/05/2020

    Re rentcharges on a freehold property. The property is outlined in red and numbered 17
    "NOTE 3: There are excepted from the effect of registration all estates
    rights and interests affecting or in derogation of the title of the
    transferees to grant the...

    Land Registry
  • Fence ownership? By Guest on 25/05/2020

    We have a picket fence at the front of our property, the posts are on our side of the boundary and the front face of the picket fence is the boundary line (as agreed with a land surveyor). The plans have no T or H marks on any of the boundary fences so I ...

    Land Registry
  • Issue with Title Deeds By Guest on 25/05/2020

    I have recently sold my flat subject to contract but the solicitor has found that the below flats title deeds arent correct and need amended which will effect my sale. Sadly while the owner was in the process of sorting this he has passed away. Is there a...

    Land Registry
  • Visitor parking space ownership change By Guest on 20/05/2020

    My house is one of three which share a driveway and each has an allocated parking space, then there is a visitor marked parking bay which has been commonly agreed to be mine to use by the 3 house owners but now I wish to make this a permanent change so th...

    Land Registry
  • Release of land and creating new title deed By Guest on 19/05/2020

    I have extended a property with planning permission for an extension and now wish to separate the title on the land to create two separate titles. The property has a mortgage of 150,000 and is valued at 500,000. Is this possible ? ...

    Land Registry
  • Ap1 emergency form By Guest on 15/05/2020

    how many days the land register will take to change my name in the deeds

    Land Registry
  • Expired searches due to covid19 By Guest on 14/05/2020

    Our searches have expired due to delays on completion of new build. Solicitors have advised they can re apply or we take out an indemnity policy. We ste not sure which to do ...

    Land Registry
  • CH1 form By Guest on 13/05/2020

    If a CH1 form dated 2004 was not sent to land registry can the charge still be acted on ...

    Land Registry