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Questions Related To Sale/Purchase

  • LPE1 By Guest on 22/08/2019

    We’re a newly established RTM and have just had the first LPE1 form through re sale of one of the flats. In regards to costs pertaining to Notice of Assignment and Deed of Covenant, should we ask those questions of
    the Landlord or should we pass that ...

  • Is Consideration different from Purchase Price? By Guest on 22/08/2019

    I am gifting equity worth £300k to my son purchasing my property worth £700k. I will receive £400k on completion, although I am being advised that I need to pay Capital Gains tax on full Market value. My solicitor and my sons solicitors are arguing reg...

  • Late completion interest By Guest on 22/08/2019

    If a solicitor accepts funds two hours later than the contractual completion time, confirms completion, and then uses those funds to complete their onward matter, are they then able to serve Notice to Complete AFTER this point, due to them being served no...

  • i want to change my house from a 3 bedroom to a bedroom who do i register the change with By Guest on 20/08/2019

    we converted our garage to a 4th bedroom with complete building regs certificate a few years ago, we are now wanting to move to a bungalow but wee come across an issue that its registered as a 3 bedroom an not a 4 bedroom. where would it be registered as...

  • Is a section 104 mandatory By Guest on 20/08/2019

    Hello, I am currently part exchanging a property to a new build developer, my current property solicitors file does not contain a section 104 despite us furnishing water utility bills to the buyers solicitors, they are pointing out we need a copy of the 1...

  • Will I have to pay the higher stamp-duty tax? By Guest on 19/08/2019

    I own 1/6th of my mom's home in Trinidad. The cost of the house is £150000, would I be charged the higher rate of the stamp duty?...

  • Property title By Guest on 10/08/2019

    When purchasing a property is the seller breaking the law by not divulging that there are 2 titles on it...

  • Restrictions and sale By Guest on 09/08/2019

    I am currently in the process of selling a property that has restrictions linked to the title. My solicitor is trying to have these removed but it is taking for ever to do this. Is it possible to complete the sale then have the buyer remove the restrictio...

  • Transfering name on deeds By Guest on 07/08/2019

    I am about to pay off my Mums mortgage and she wants me to have her home, there will be no mortgage on it so how does she transfer the deeds to me .Her name and my deceased Dads name are currently on the deeds. ...

  • Ex can not be contacted I want to sell my half of land By Guest on 03/08/2019

    Hi I have a piece of land my ex has moved to southern Ireland and cannot be contacted also she has changed her name twice by deed poll but not on the land where do I stand ...