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Questions Related To Land Registry

  • overriding interests By Guest on 22/09/2019

    waht are overriding interests...

    Land Registry
  • Unknown charge on my property By Guest on 22/09/2019

    I have a charge on my property that I was unaware of, until now. It was place by the Bank of Scotland. I’ve contacted their litigation (and four other) departments, who are all totally unaware of the charge and can’t give me any information or reason ...

    Land Registry
  • TP1 process By Guest on 19/09/2019

    I have registered TP1 and related documents to Land Registry, I acquired a 3m x 3m patch of garden from my neighbour. I am in the final stages of selling my house and need the register updated but am being quoted 95 working days for this to be completed ...

    Land Registry
  • If a propoerty is Joint tenants in common, how do we change a name on it By Guest on 19/09/2019

    current situation house in Father & Son
    remove sons name and add wife...

    Land Registry
  • TR1 legally binding? By Guest on 17/09/2019

    My tr1 document advises that out ground rent is due to paid every 6 months however the estate management company are now demanding payment for the whole year in one payment. I have no arrears and have been paying six monthly for 6 years. Is the tr1 form l...

    Land Registry
  • Solicitors responsibility By Guest on 14/09/2019

    I have recently discovered that the Land Registry Scotland map shows that the Land I thought I own is different to what I thought. When I bought my house it had its own paved driveway with a fence. I have recently discovered that my neighbour actually own...

    Land Registry
  • how can i tell if my title deeds are the orginals and not false By Guest on 13/09/2019

    I think my title deeds may be false. And my property isn't registered on the land registry. It is a flat in Edinburgh. How can I find out if my deeds are the orginals and how do I go about finding my property is registered....

    Land Registry
  • Proof of ownership By Guest on 13/09/2019

    Myself and my siblings inherited my mothers property some years ago. Two of us live in the property. As there are 5 of us in total, my name is not on the Land Registry deed (as the youngest) because the document limits the number of names to 4. How do I p...

    Land Registry
  • What to do when mortgage was paid but not registered By Guest on 13/09/2019

    My mother recently died and left a property which had a small private mortgage attached. When this was paid (around 20 years ago) the property was not re-registered with the land registry. Can this still be done, given she has now deceased? She did not le...

    Land Registry
  • Removal of Restriction By Guest on 12/09/2019

    My ex husband incurred a debt and had a charge placed on our house when it was jointly owned. We have since divorced and a Consent Order has been issued by the court ordering the transfer of the property to me. He has completed the transfer form to do tha...

    Land Registry