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  • Mortgage lender two properties one deed By Guest on 26/05/2020

    Which lender will lend against two properties one deed or how does the vendor obtain deed for 2nd property which is two storey no bathroom or kitchen but water and electricity ...

  • Fence ownership? By Guest on 25/05/2020

    We have a picket fence at the front of our property, the posts are on our side of the boundary and the front face of the picket fence is the boundary line (as agreed with a land surveyor). The plans have no T or H marks on any of the boundary fences so I ...

    Land Registry
  • Buying property By Guest on 25/05/2020

    Im looking to have free initial advise or aska question regarding property purchase ...

  • Issue with Title Deeds By Guest on 25/05/2020

    I have recently sold my flat subject to contract but the solicitor has found that the below flats title deeds arent correct and need amended which will effect my sale. Sadly while the owner was in the process of sorting this he has passed away. Is there a...

    Land Registry
  • Simultaneous title transfer and completion By Guest on 24/05/2020

    Can I add a name to my freehold purchase at the same time as completion?...

  • Withdrawing a restriction By Guest on 21/05/2020

    My 2 brothers and I have placed a restriction on a property in our favour years ago. We now wish to withdraw a restriction, however my brothers are not in the country. I have a power of attorney for them. Can I sign on their behalf in the 'Consent...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • House without buiding control final certificate By Guest on 20/05/2020

    A new house built circa 2006 had 'full plans building control approval' and the local authority building control department carried out most of the site inspections including foundations, drainage, damp courses etc. but were never called back to carryout ...

  • Visitor parking space ownership change By Guest on 20/05/2020

    My house is one of three which share a driveway and each has an allocated parking space, then there is a visitor marked parking bay which has been commonly agreed to be mine to use by the 3 house owners but now I wish to make this a permanent change so th...

    Land Registry
  • Deed of variation By Guest on 19/05/2020

    We own a one bedroom flat in a converted house. We recently discover that the freeholder of the property had made changes to the demise moving a stair case. While this Is not an issue for us the freeholder has not regularised the lease plan for our flat t...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Release of land and creating new title deed By Guest on 19/05/2020

    I have extended a property with planning permission for an extension and now wish to separate the title on the land to create two separate titles. The property has a mortgage of 150,000 and is valued at 500,000. Is this possible ? ...

    Land Registry