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  • In a 2 to 1 TR1 transfer does the Transferor box need to be completed with both joint owners By Guest on 20/05/2021

    In a 2 to 1 TR1 transfer does the Transferor box need to be completed with both joint owners...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • We want to first time register our property with land registry By Guest on 20/05/2021

    we have many documents but dont know which are to be submitted with the FR1 form, what to list on the DL form and if any other forms need to be completed ...

    Land Registry
  • Interim charging order By Guest on 17/05/2021

    Hi, could you confirm if the information below is correct please?

    If your property is jointly owned a creditor will not be able to obtain a CO against you, they can only get what is called a restriction.

    The laws on Restrictions are totally differen...

    Land Registry
  • T RI By Guest on 15/05/2021

    I don’t understand the transferor has received the sum .... when I haven’t actually received it yet it feels like I am signing away my home...

    Land Registry
  • Transfer property to SPV By Guest on 14/05/2021

    My husband and I recently bought a leasehold flat (in March 2021), our circumstances have now changed and it would be beneficial to us if the property was owned by an SPV instead of privately by us. We have no mortgage on the property. Can we do a simple ...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Notice of Assignment By Guest on 13/05/2021

    I am the executor for a friend who died a year ago. I am transferring his house, which is leasehold, to the beneficiaries under the will. On the Notice of Assignment, do I sign this as Assignor, or do they sign it as assignees?...

    Landlord & Leases
  • right to buy By Guest on 12/05/2021

    i am currently living with my mother who is secure tenant on her council house. we are thinking of purchasing the property but unsure where to start.
    do i just get a mortgage for my self in my name? apply in my name? im not named on the tenancy.
    Do ...

  • Query on additional clause in TR1 By Guest on 12/05/2021

    What does the attached clause mean please - included in a TR1 at section 11.

    Additional provisions
    (a) The Transferee hereby covenants with the Transferors by way of indemnity only so far as the covenants and provisions referred to in the Charges Regi...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Registered Title Indemnity Insurance By Guest on 12/05/2021


    We have had a dispute with a neighbour which settled out of court with a Tomlin Order. The Tomlin Order stated that our neighbour should draw up a new deed and lodge it with Land Registry. We have signed the deed but the neighbour has not and not l...

  • TA6 Form By Guest on 11/05/2021

    Dear Team,
    I would need some clarifications on how to find out if information provided by previous seller on TA6 form is untrue. The seller has declared nothing on the form, however an illegit B&B is operating since when we moved in this property. I a...