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Questions Related To Completion

  • test By Guest on 12/08/2021

    do not reply, this is a test question...

  • Ruska vojenska uniforma a armadni zbozi By Guest on 05/08/2021


  • Could someone help explain this clause on my TR1 please? By Guest on 29/04/2021

    Hi all, I hope someone can help with this, I'm being run round in circles by my current solicitor.

    The background to this is, I was made bankrupt in 2003. In 2004 I purchased the interest in the property. I have a letter from my trustee saying they had...

  • Property gift transfer By Guest on 01/03/2021

    My wife and I recently executed a deed of gift transfer of a buy to let property to our daughters and submitted all the relevant forms to HM Land Registry. At present there are 10 month delays in registering changes at HM Land Registry.

    Is the legal t...

  • Freehold seller asking more money after completion By Guest on 11/02/2021

    Previous freeholder forgot to include 2 months electricity bill in final completion statement when she sold freehold. 8 months later she is demanding we (new freeholders who own the 6 flats) pay this for her. Are we legally obliged to?...

  • Professional consultant certificate By Guest on 27/11/2020

    Purchased a house in 2017 with a professional consultant certificate of a company who has now gone into liquidation. Trying to borrow against the property and can't as the insurance certificate shows its dated until May 2018,what do I do now? ...

  • remortgage house in own name with transfer of equity from brother co owner By Guest on 05/11/2020

    Hi my brother is giving me his share of the house by transfer of equity as our re-mortgage is coming to end of term and i want to move to new lender. I have a mortgage offer but on the conditions it ask of any adult occupier will be in property and that i...

  • TR1 form By Guest on 12/10/2020

    We have just been asked to do a TR1 form from our solicitors. The house is sold and completed and has been for a coupole of weeks. Should this have not been done prior to completion?...

  • Who gets paid first when there is charging order on the property? By Guest on 05/10/2020

    We have had a Completion statement thorugh but I think there may be 2 mistakes. The sale took place in January 2020. There are 2 Charging orders (mine: interim 21 Oct 2019, final 6 Dec 2019). The other order (Judgement Feb 2019) is from the creditor (say,...

  • Transfer of titles on completion By Guest on 01/09/2020

    Who is responsible to check and register the transfer of titles in a house purchase .. the buyers or sellers solicitor ? When my partner purchased his property there were two titles, only one was transferred into his name ...