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  • Adopting waste land By Guest on 26/07/2021

    We are in the process of buying a property where the previous owners adopted some waste land into their garden. It was a large piece of inaccessible land that was seemingly divided up between neighbours circa 35 years ago. Some of the neighbours ha...

    Land Registry
  • RX1 Completion By Guest on 26/07/2021

    Hi i wish to register beneficial interest in a property and have been advised to complete an rx1 form. i understand the wording has to be in a particular way can some one advise all solicitors i contact are too busy and the property concerned is for sale...

    Land Registry
  • Dis applying restriction, dissolved management company By Guest on 20/07/2021

    We are purchasing a house, there was a management company set up by the home owners to manage the surrounding common areas, the land now belongs to, and is managed by the local council, who has to dis apply the restriction? Is it the vendor or purchaser?...

    Land Registry
  • RX4 By Guest on 18/07/2021

    Hi in a divorce settlement I was granted by the judge all equity but when I came to remortgage I discovered there was a restriction on the land registry because my ex husband had been taken to court for not paying his credit card debit , I need to know wh...

    Land Registry
  • Can I tell a housing association to pay indemnity insurance for a rentcharge By Guest on 18/07/2021

    There's a rentcharge on my flat title and the housing association have admitted not paying it can I charge them for the policy costs...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • What form do I need to remove a charge? By Guest on 17/07/2021

    My daughter has a charge on my house and there is no debt involved how do I get this removed?...

    Land Registry
  • Charge on my property By Guest on 15/07/2021

    I paid for my house in 1994 cash. I never knew the man I bought the property of had not taken the charge of until now 2021...

    Land Registry
  • Fence maintenance By Guest on 13/07/2021

    If i repair a neighbours fence do i assume responsibility...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • Contract - fifth edition By rachelchaddy18229 on 12/07/2021

    I've recently just paid £15 to use the template for the fifth edition contract of sale but this is wrong and now I ahve wasted £15. Can you please refund me and cancel any subscription I may have been added to.

    Thank you...

    Protocol Forms
  • Mortgaging a house with defective title deeds By Guest on 10/07/2021

    Can we mortgage a house that currently has a defective title? Extension built in 1970’ with full approved planning. However, deeds show a public footpath runs right the through the extension. Applications have been made to rectify but in the meantime co...