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  • Is Gifted Transfer of Equity on my main residence subject to SDLT or CGT ? By Guest on 13/06/2020

    If I gift my sibling half of the house we have shared for decades, will either of us have to pay Capital_Gains_Tax or Stamp_Duty ?...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Removal Company problem By Guest on 12/06/2020

    I'm in abit of dilemma and needs advise. I'm supposed to have completed my move today but the removal company rang half way and said there was a fault with the wagon and will need to deliver some other time. The problem is now I've realised I have no offi...

  • Right to buy property? By Guest on 12/06/2020

    Is it possible to purchase a right to buy property with a business loan?...

  • First Time Buyer Status By Guest on 10/06/2020

    If a friend and I purchase a buy-to-let residential property through a limited company, would we still be deemed "first-time buyers" for stamp duty purposes when we come to buy our own residential properties in the future? And how can we be sure that advi...

  • Stamp duty tax By Guest on 09/06/2020

    I am separated from my spouse and am in the early stages of divorce. I wish to buy a new property with my new partner which will be our main residence. I still own a property with my x- spouse which will be sold. What level of stamp duty am I expected to ...

  • Gifting of a property By Guest on 09/06/2020

    My mother is looking to gift her inherited property to me. I want to accept this gift into a limited company. Can you please advice on the process and fees involved. ...

    Land Registry
  • Liability for Ground Rent prior to purchase. By Guest on 09/06/2020

    An interesting question.
    I bought a flat in 2014. The original leaseholder had not paid ground rent since the development was built, because the freeholder never demanded payment, so there was no debt. Freehold was sold to a new company. They demanded fr...

  • Ownership of property and tax implications By Guest on 08/06/2020

    In 1999 my mum wanted to buy a house but didn't have enough money so my sister and I each supplied one sixth of the purchase price. The house was registered in my name and my sisters name only.This was to protect our investment if the house had to be sold...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Looking for a quitclaim deed form By Guest on 08/06/2020

    My son wants to transfer his house to me without any money being involved...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • How long is a TP1 Form valid By Guest on 04/06/2020

    Hi, we purchased our freehold from a holding company in 2018 without using a solicitor. We paid for the freehold and received back both copies of TP1 from them but dis not realise these should then have been forwarded to Land Registry along with AP1. Wil...

    Land Registry