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  • Buying property in cash, do I need a bankruptcy search By Guest on 04/06/2020

    I was made bankrupt 7 years ago, lived out of the uk but I’ve been sold a house which I can buy cash, do I need the searches ...

  • Purchasing a second property with my income drawdown pension By Guest on 03/06/2020

    Can my income drawdown pension pot be considered in my overall income to get a mortgage on a second property?...

  • Landlord wont return LPE1 form By Guest on 03/06/2020

    is there anything legal that can be done to make him return it or can the information be got by another way ie local council? Thanks...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Gift or sell plot of land to son? By Guest on 02/06/2020

    I own 8 acres of agricultural land and want to transfer a 1 acre plot to my son's name. The land is worth about £5,000. He will apply for permission on the plot for 4 houses once in his name. If he succeeds, will I be responsible for any retrospective ca...

    Land Registry
  • Rentcharge By Guest on 01/06/2020

    I have lived in a house 14 years and never asked for Rentcharge. I am now remortgaging and the lender is insistent I take out an indemnity policy? Can i still be asked for the Rentcharge even after the 12 year time has elapsed?...

    Land Registry
  • quote By Guest on 01/06/2020

    I am divorcing and have consent order in place - we have agreed that I will transfer a property from my sole name to my soon to be ex husbands sole name. There is no outstanding mortgage and property is leashold with about 155 yrs left. I am told I can do...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Capital Gains Tax By Guest on 01/06/2020

    Hi, i would like to sell my Buy- to - Let property to purchase a residential property for my self. the property has gained in value since i bought it. will i have to pay CGT on this. is there anything that i can do to save on this amount...

  • 3 person ownership of property By Guest on 01/06/2020

    We want to buy a property with our son (3 way ownership). We would be cash buyers for two thirds of the price and our son would have a mortgage for one third of the price. Is this straight forward and possible....

  • Transfer of Equity from parent to child By Guest on 01/06/2020

    If I buy a property and transfer 50% equity to my son in two years time would this be classed as a gift of transfer...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Communal car park - 2 allocated parking spaces at time of purchase how do i prove this By Guest on 31/05/2020

    my original conveyancing document confirmed 2 allocated parking spaces at time of purchase how do i prove this...