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  • title registration By Guest on 08/01/2020

    My seller's application for registration was submitted but cancelled as they are still awaiting the certificate of compliance from the Managing Agent. It is freehold property with a managing agent. Upon receipt, they will resubmit for registration. Once r...

    Land Registry
  • Indemnity Insurance - Selling my Propery By Guest on 07/01/2020

    Selling my property, which we have had for over 14 years, neither we nor the previous owners (of 25 years) have ever had to pay land rent as per an old covenant found via the land registry dating back to the 1800's. I am told I need to take out indemnity...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Seller signed TA6 form and TR1 transfer with, no rights of way By Guest on 06/01/2020

    Really worried, advise would be very welcome, I purchased a property and there was no disposition registered on it regarding right of way for next door. My seller signed no to any rights of way on the property TA 6 form. I have the TA1 transfer form, no a...

  • How much stamp duty do we need to pay? By Guest on 02/01/2020

    My partner and I are purchasing a new-build house. I am a first time buyer, but my partner has inherited parts (roughly 20 percent each) of three properties in her native Bulgaria. As we understand it, if the total value of the properties owned is less th...

  • Council house Transfer Equity to my son By Guest on 24/12/2019

    Hi i am a british citizen residing in uk i have a council house which i purchased on discount on 2014 and made a contract with council for 10 years the estate lease registered on my name well as per contract with the council i need permission if i want to...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Restrictions Cautions or Notices Fees By Guest on 23/12/2019

    If Restrictions Cautions or Notices Fees have been paid does that mean that the cautions have been lifted?...

    Land Registry
  • Name not put on deeds By Guest on 22/12/2019

    Hello I bought a freehold house with my brother and when we tried to claim the extra stamp duty back because we sold a property we inherited from our brother. When we filled a form in online to the tax department they said my name wasn’t on the deeds. I...

    Land Registry
  • Remortgage and unsecured debt repayments By Guest on 20/12/2019

    Hi, I’ve provided copies of my credit cards statements to my solicitor in paying off my debts as part of the remortgage but do they need the original? I have a paperless account. What else can I do? ...

  • Paying help to buy loan By Guest on 20/12/2019

    I want to pay my help to buy loan. How do I proceeds?...

  • Completion, Exchange and Apportionment. By Guest on 16/12/2019

    My solicitors are awaiting an apportionment statement before completion. Do they need it for exchange?...