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Questions Related To DIY Conveyancing

  • Safeguarding beneficial interest in property By Guest on 26/05/2020

    Hi, I have beneficial interest in a property (I inherited a share of the property, along with the legal owner). I am not listed as owner in the register, however I have a restriction in my favour. The legal owner is selling the house, please can you advis...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Withdrawing a restriction By Guest on 21/05/2020

    My 2 brothers and I have placed a restriction on a property in our favour years ago. We now wish to withdraw a restriction, however my brothers are not in the country. I have a power of attorney for them. Can I sign on their behalf in the 'Consent...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Do you have a certificate of compliance template/example I could see? By Guest on 05/05/2020

    Thank you for all your advice on DIY conveyancing. Do you have a certificate of compliance template/example I could see?...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Unregistered Land By Guest on 30/04/2020

    We are the owners of a strip of woodland, and there are six other properties which also own strips of this woodland. However there is one strip, adjacent to our property, which does not appear to be registered and no one is accepting ownership. We would...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Chickens By Guest on 15/04/2020

    Hello. We purchased a freehold house 4 years ago with a restrictive covenant preventing us from keeping poultry or livestock. We would like to have 3 pet chickens in our garden. Is it possible that this covenant could be lifted for a reasonable charge or ...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Rights of maintenance By Guest on 04/04/2020

    What are rights of maintenance?...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Can i stop transfer of equity once the tr1 has been submitted By Guest on 19/03/2020

    Tr1 has been sent to remove my name from marital home, but I am wondering can I pull out, I am waiting for an ID1 form, if I dont fill this in will the process collapse? ...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Help By Guest on 13/03/2020

    If I become a member and there are things I do do not understand in the process of the transfer of it possible for me to ask for help with it....

    DIY Conveyancing
  • LPE1 form requested but lease extension is required. By Guest on 06/03/2020

    I am a freeholder/landlord and my leaseholder is selling her flat. I have agreed to extend her lease for a fee plus increase in ground rent. Her solicitor has sent me the LPE1 form to complete but nothing with regards to extend the lease. I'm thinking the...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Is it possible to speak on the phone with someone? By Guest on 05/03/2020

    Mine is possibly an unusual but hopefully simple case...

    DIY Conveyancing