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Questions Related To Mortgages

  • Indemnity insurance By Guest on 27/07/2020

    I am in process of purchasing a property, I have a gifted deposit coming from my partner and now the lender is insisting I take out this policy which I will have to, but my solicitor is asking hoe long me and my partner have been together? Is this relevan...

  • Purchasing a second property with my income drawdown pension By Guest on 03/06/2020

    Can my income drawdown pension pot be considered in my overall income to get a mortgage on a second property?...

  • Mortgage lender two properties one deed By Guest on 26/05/2020

    Which lender will lend against two properties one deed or how does the vendor obtain deed for 2nd property which is two storey no bathroom or kitchen but water and electricity ...

  • Simultaneous title transfer and completion By Guest on 24/05/2020

    Can I add a name to my freehold purchase at the same time as completion?...

  • mortgage and provide a statement of truth By Guest on 18/05/2020

    statement of truth required for remortgage...

  • Advice re. remortgage and management of a leasehold flat By Guest on 05/05/2020

    I would greatly appreciate some advice regarding how to manage my property.

    The property is a new build leasehold flat in Sale M33 7JW recently valued at £185-190K and was bought 2 years ago using a 20% loan from the Help to Buy scheme.
    At the momen...

  • Freehold on Title Deed By Guest on 05/03/2020

    Could it be shared Freehold or would this be detailed on the deed? A surveyor has visited the property and suggested that it is a leasehold tenure or shared Freehold, however the deeds do not state this. It states it is Freehold ...

  • misrepresentation By Guest on 04/03/2020

    hi, I am investigating a fraudulent inter family transaction Property was transferred from parents to company owned by my half brother. solicitor has since been struck off. transfer was dated 26/11/2004 and a mortgage was drawn down exactly a week after t...

  • Lenders’s specific criteria for onerous ground rent increases? By Guest on 18/02/2020

    I am purchasing a leasehold with the following ground rent clause: 125 year lease, 93 years left. Current ground rent = £350p/a (currently 0.1% of property value) Increases every 25 years either by doubling itself or by 0.1% of the property market val...

  • Equity release or remortgage? By Guest on 17/02/2020

    My parents are looking to release equity from their property. The mortgage is paid but there is a small secured loan against the property. Would it be possible for me to mortgage the property if they sign it over to me? Is this a better/ or even viable...