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Questions Related To Bankruptcy/Insolvency

  • Bankruptcy restriction By Guest on 13/09/2021

    Hi, had an offer accepted on a property and have done my own digging to find there is a bankruptcy notice, and thus a bankruptcy restriction on the proprietorship register. It states no disposition of the registered estate… until the trustee of the bank...

  • Buying freehold house from Receiver By Guest on 13/04/2021

    Myself and partner are first time property buyers who saw and liked a new completed build freehold terrace house (London). The sale was through an agent and they explained the seller is a Receiver appointment. I have done some digging through local counci...

  • RX1 By Guest on 18/10/2020

    I have a final charging order (against the wife of a property) and I am looking for a Conveyancer to register the RX1. I already have a charging order against the Husband that is registered.
    Just to add to the complexity they are in bankruptcy, they...

  • Buying property in cash, do I need a bankruptcy search By Guest on 04/06/2020

    I was made bankrupt 7 years ago, lived out of the uk but I’ve been sold a house which I can buy cash, do I need the searches ...

  • Previous owner has Bankruptcy Notice on my deeds By Guest on 29/05/2020

    I am in the process of remortgaging my property, the bank solicitor has confirmed there is a bankruptcy notice in the name of the previous owner on the deeds. I cannot proceed with my remortgage until this is removed. How can i get this removed?...

  • Loan Offer By Guest on 01/04/2019

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  • Bankruptcy Restriction By Guest on 11/02/2019

    This was placed on the property in 2009 my discharge was 2010.
    My buy to let mortgage expires December 2019, can I apply to have the restriction removed as i want to remortgage the property....

  • Why do I have to sign the RX1 FORM By Guest on 04/02/2019

    My husband is going through the IVA process and has debts around £14000. These are in his name. We are starting divorce proceeding. I ve been sent the RX1 form to sign. I don’t want to sell the property anyway. It’s shared ownership we have 25% share...

  • remove section 86(2) By Guest on 17/12/2018

    please advice me...

  • Registration of UN1 and Administration By Guest on 20/06/2018

    i loaned money to a company last year and failed to register the UN1. I have now found out that the company has gone into administration and have quickly made an applicaiton. I haev been told that my UN1 will be void as it is after the copany has gone i...