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  • Transferring property to a trust By Guest on 29/01/2018

    When my father in law died his will requested his 50% share of his house be put into a trust that he has setup. My understanding is that to do this I need to use a TR1 form. What I need to know is what names do I need to put on the form. Do I just give th...

    Land Registry
  • Power of Attourney query By Guest on 29/01/2018

    I am unable to complete the house purchase due to being away from the country, i need a power of attourney but am unsure how to proceed or what type...

  • Transfer of equity By Guest on 28/01/2018

    As part of my divorce I have to sign my house over to my ex I have purchased your transfer of equity kit but wondered if I will need to pay anything to HM Land Registry for this to be completed
    Many Regards
    Kevin Needham ...

    Land Registry
  • someone living in the house we are buying when on all paperwork they have claimed its empty By Guest on 26/01/2018

    I am currently purchasing a property and on the formal paperwork the seller has claimed that the property is unoccupied, however we have proof that the sellers brother is living there which has now caused our exchange date to be delayed.

    is this legal?...

  • Stamp duty By Guest on 26/01/2018

    I wish to buy my first property in the UK but own one abroad (jointly with my husband 50%/50%) - we moved here 3 years ago and have been in rented accommodation ever since. The 50% share in the property abroad is worth less than £40,000. Do I need to pay...

  • Building a 2nd house on land purchased with original house By Guest on 25/01/2018

    Hi there, we own a house (we’re 10 years in to a 20 year mortgage) which has a piece of land adjacent big enough for a house. The house together with the land is leasehold and we pay approx £1.80 per year ground rent. With the above in mind, is there a...

    Land Registry
  • divorce settlement By Guest on 24/01/2018

    I am due to pay my ex husband £110000 for his share in our property which is worth £270000, my daughter who does not own a property is putting approx £67000 funds the rest is from savings & gifted from my mother. Does my daughter have to pay stamp duty...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Paying Stamp Duty By Guest on 23/01/2018

    Can someone help me please before I go mad. My daughter has split up from her boyfriend. She can not afford to pay the mortgage herself as the lender does not think she earns enough however she realises just how hard it would be to get back onto the prope...

  • My Managing agents wont let my estate agent put up a for sale sign for my flat, is this legal By Guest on 23/01/2018

    My Managing agents wont let my estate agent put up a for sale sign for my flat, is this legal...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Amending Deeds By Guest on 22/01/2018

    I am trying to find out information about the process and costs for amending a Deed. My house sits on land owned by Company X, they have agreed to allow all houses to take over the land. We will set up Company Y but need to change all the title deeds. Any...

    Land Registry