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  • Which standard form restriction to use? By Guest on 04/11/2019

    My husband owns a house. Last year his ex was given 50% beneficial interest in the house in TOLATA proceedings. Previous t this I invested a large sum into the house to pay off mortgage arrears, home improvements, etc. I am now submitting RX1 and UN1, but...

    Land Registry
  • Keeping house on market when offer accepted By Guest on 04/11/2019

    Our offer on a house is accepted but they want keep house on market until solicitor instructed due to being let down before. They will right saying they will not accept any offers in the meantime, are we at any additional risk?...

  • Land registration problem By Guest on 04/11/2019

    I buyed land from another person....unfortunately v didn't register to my name.. But I have power of attorney to the land etc.. Bills in my name.. Now I want to register to my name.. But we don't were here is now.. Dead r alive. So how to register ...

    Land Registry
  • selling land By Guest on 03/11/2019

    Hi i own some land and wish to sell part of it to a friend, Instead of paying lots of money each can i write the agreement up myself using your Contract - Registered Land on this site as we both know what we want to include and then contact land registry ...

  • Transfer of house ownership By Guest on 03/11/2019

    My mother and stepfathers home is in joint ownership. My stepfather is now living in a care home with Dementia. We have an enduring power of attorney which has been approved legally and the attorneys are my mum, myself and brother. (stepsons). My mum want...

    Land Registry
  • DIY Conveyancing By Guest on 01/11/2019

    Can I approve a deeds of transfer of a property myself and is there a specific form I need to complete...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Should I get my own advisor By Guest on 01/11/2019

    I purchased a property with my prospective daughter in law because my son had poor credit score. She put up a large deposit and they paid the fees and have been living in the house and paying the mortgage. The marriage has broken down and they have agreed...

  • Why should the registration process happen after the sales has gone through and not before By Guest on 30/10/2019

    Why should the registration process happen after the sales has gone through and not before?...

    Land Registry
  • Planning permission from.1960 By Guest on 30/10/2019

    We are selling our house and the buyers solicitor wants to see planning permission from when it was built. Do we have to privide it? ...

    Planning & Building Regs
  • When a company is dissolved, how do I get it to complete a Transfer of Title? By Guest on 30/10/2019

    I need to get a transfer of title signed for work which happened over a decade ago. ( I am an archaeologist and need to deposit the finds which were uncovered with a museum)The landowner is now dissolved. What do I do...

    Land Registry