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  • New build completion date delayed and removals booked By Guest on 29/06/2018

    We were due to complete today on a new build property but this didn’t happen. Hopefully it will be on Monday but if not how do we stand as we have removals booked and don’t really want to change. ...

  • Transferring Equity in a house. By Guest on 28/06/2018

    Hi, I own a third of a house and have been living in the house for a number of years. My two sisters own the other two thirds. One of my sisters wants to give me her share in the house at half the marketvalue. Is she allowed to sell me her portion of the ...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Transfer of Equity form for client in Fuerteventura By Guest on 28/06/2018

    Can you recommend a Solicitors in England who will represent my ex partner based in Fuerteventura, he needs to sign a document Transferring Equity to my name from a joint mortgage, I have a Solicitor representing me so it's just the documents being sent t...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Restriction or Agreed Notice By Guest on 28/06/2018

    Which form do I use to register my interest in a sole owned property which already has two beneficial owners. My interest would be registered against the sole proprietors beneficial interest as per Deed of Trust....

    Land Registry
  • 2 to 1 transfer of house ownership followed by equity release? By Guest on 27/06/2018

    My husband and I are separating. We own our house outright. We wish to keep the house but wish to release equity through a company like Age Partnership. However, I am not yet 55 but he is 62. If we transferred ownership to him, would HE then be legall...

    Land Registry
  • Where do I stand with owning land within a property By Guest on 27/06/2018

    I sold my house in 2015. The buyer is now selling and has discovered I still own the piece of land at the front of the property. Where do I stand with this??...

  • lack of building regs By Guest on 27/06/2018

    our vendor says the removal of an internal wall was done in 2007 and didn't need building regs! Our surveyor highlighted that regs should have been sought but on visual inspection all looked well. We don't know how risky it is to continue with the purch...

    Planning & Building Regs
  • Gift a property to a friend that currently has a mortgage on it By Guest on 26/06/2018

    My husband and I own a property with a mortgage on it. We have a friend that we would like to gift the property to so he can get on the property ladder without the need of a deposit. Can we gift the property to him and in the same transaction, he raises a...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Do I need a solicitor By Guest on 26/06/2018

    My neighbour is proposing an extension, taking it up to our existing wall. I have seen plans but to I need a solicitor to be involved?...

    Planning & Building Regs
  • Removal from land register By Guest on 26/06/2018

    How long does it take on average for a name to be removed from land registrer ?...

    Land Registry