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  • Transfer of ownership - avoid second home sdlt By Guest on 29/05/2018

    I am joint owners with my girlfriend on a property, IF we transfer it to her name (I am aware of CGT and sdlt payable for the mortgage) and I buy another property, would this break any rules for avoiding second property sdlt?...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Council Owned Land By Guest on 29/05/2018

    HI, there is a plot of land behind my property (any a number of other properties) that the council own and they believe they can sell for development. I put together a case stipulating that due to legislation the purposed houses are too close to my house....

  • dividing a plot of land By Guest on 28/05/2018

    dividing a plot of land and combining one plot with an ajoining plot...

    Land Registry
  • Removing name on title deeds. By Guest on 27/05/2018

    My brothers and I are registered owners on the title deeds after inheriting the family home. One of my brothers has recommended his name be removed so there is no claim on the house from any of his wife’s siblings and family should he die. How do I arr...

    Land Registry
  • restriction removal By Guest on 26/05/2018

    i have purchased a house and the previous owners were tenants in common and had a restriction on the title. when my title deeds have come through the restriction relating to the previous tenants is still in place. Land Registry say this is not an error. W...

    Land Registry
  • Dispute over surveyors decision By Guest on 26/05/2018

    I am trying to sell a 1 bed flat. I have had 2 buyers in 6 months. The first one fell through as the surveyor claimed the flat was worth zero as the block (12 flats over 3 floors) was fully tenanted . This was via natwest. The 2nd buyer went with nationwi...

  • Who is responsible for major repairs started after completion By Guest on 26/05/2018

    Is it he buyer or seller...

    Landlord & Leases
  • occupier waiver form By Guest on 25/05/2018

    what is the average solicitor's charge for witnessing an occupier waiver form?

  • Do you need a leasehold investigation by solicitor, when you are the seller of a leasehold property By Guest on 24/05/2018

    Is it a requirement for the seller to have their solicitor undertak a leasehold investigation for the property. I would have thought this to be the purchasers responsibility....

  • Needing help with AP1 from By Guest on 23/05/2018

    Hi there, I am needing help filling out an AP1 form. My Father has passed and he was a joint owner with my Mother of a Commercial property. The property itself is now freehold. I cannot find the property on the land registry so i believe I have to registe...

    Land Registry