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  • leasehold property transfer of equity By Guest on 28/03/2019

    Can you transfer of equity kit be sued when the property is leasehold?...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • i have the freehold By Guest on 27/03/2019

    My downstairs owner has changed his mortgage provider. I have received a letter stating “please see this notice of change of mortgage company in relation to the property.” I believe I own the freehold and the letter says my neighbour pays a peppercorn...

  • Notice of transfer By Guest on 27/03/2019

    My husband passed away last year and he had a property in his name only (not our home address). I am trying to change the property into my name which I thought would be relatively straightforward and have got myself nearly through the process. However the...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Stamp duty query By Guest on 27/03/2019

    Hope to get some advice. I would like to purchase a home for my parents (in process of applying for a mortgage). Plan is: mortgage will be under my name but title deeds will be under my mum's name and mine. I already have a mortgage for my own property...

  • First Land Registration of existing property By Guest on 27/03/2019

    How much would it cost to have an old property registered for the first time? The owner bought the property in 1972 and has the original conveyancing document....

    Land Registry
  • Charges post completion By Guest on 27/03/2019

    Good day. In September last year wwe contracted with a builder to purchase a property with scheduled completion on the 19 th October. Completion was delayed by the builder to 22 nd November and we had to move into temporary accommodation for 4 weeks. Du...

  • Incorrect postal address shown on lease By Guest on 27/03/2019

    I am the leaseholder of a flat in a block of flats built in the last 25 years on the corner of two roads, ‘X’ and ‘Y’. The register of Freehold title shows an address and postcode in road ‘X’, this being the address and postcode before the fla...

    Landlord & Leases
  • house coverted to flats not registered as separate flats By Guest on 27/03/2019

    I am trying to have broadband in my ground floor flat that was converted from a house to two, two bed flats. But as they are not on the land registry I can't get a phoneline. It also means I get the flats upstairs post which I have said may lead them to b...

    Land Registry
  • Transferring Gift by relative By Guest on 27/03/2019

    A relative gifted us a property years ago making us beneficial owners but remained as the title owner and when we wanted him to transfer the property, he passed away. How do we transfer the property to our name? ...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Notice of Assignment By Guest on 27/03/2019

    I inherited a leasehold flat, which is now rented out. I have registered in joint names with my husband with the Land Registry . The leaseholder needs a Notice of Assignment- where can I find a template for this...

    Landlord & Leases