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  • Measuring a step threshold into the door & Window By Guest on 30/10/2019

    Can the threshold step at windows and door be measured within the conveyancing plan and make up the area of the flat. ...

  • Forefiture clause in lease By Guest on 30/10/2019

    As a block we are converting freehold flats to leasehold with owners holding shares in a company holding the freehold. The reason to improve salebility.
    Our solicitor has prepared a draft lease but it includes a landlord forefiture clause for non payment...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Rx4 By Guest on 29/10/2019

    We are selling our freehold flat and land registry won't take an old restriction off as the solicitor of the previous owner did not present form rx4 to land registry and this is holding up our sale what can we dp...

    Land Registry
  • Stamp duty By Guest on 29/10/2019

    I initially bought my property on a shared ownership basis of 25%. The value of the property was £127000. I then purchased a further 2 quarter shares now owning 75%. I now want to purchase the final share however I cannot work out how much the stamp duty...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Freehold By Guest on 29/10/2019

    My name is on my x husbands freehold and he now wants to sell can I stop the sale by refusing to sign freehold over...

  • can I modify or change a 999year lease for drainage rights By Guest on 29/10/2019

    I am a landlord with a neighbour who has a 999 yr lease for sceptic tank and pipework on my land- I would like to remove the sceptic and and replace it with a new treatment plant with no costs to the leaseholder. The sceptic tank is over 50 years old and ...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Trying to find out which solicitors dealt with a Land Registry transfer By Guest on 28/10/2019

    I am Trying to find out which solicitors dealt with a Land Registry house transfer/purchase - how do I request this from the Land Registry site?...

    Land Registry
  • LAnd registry By Guest on 28/10/2019

    if I purchase a flat would I need land registry as im not owning the land just the flat?...

    Land Registry
  • Buying a 999 Lease By Guest on 28/10/2019

    We are trying to buy the freehold of a property that has an ancillary garage not attached to the property or within the land owned by the property (its about 50-meters along the road). It was a 999 year lease. There is a covenant on the garage saying that...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Can I exchange contacts whilst awaiting the removal of a home rights notice from previous owners, it’s been 7years since they owned the property By Guest on 28/10/2019

    Our previous solicitor failed to lodge the paperwork to remove the home rights notice for the previous owners when we bought the property 7 years ago, we’re now selling and it’s been sent to land reg, can we exchange and complete before it’s officia...