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  • removing ristriction from freehold title By Guest on 11/01/2019

    I need to remove a restriction from the title of my sons property...

    Land Registry
  • Buying out my fathers share By Guest on 09/01/2019

    My father owns 50% of his house. My brother and I own 25% each. I have POA can we buy his share cheaply...

  • Unregistered freehold By Guest on 08/01/2019

    I am trying to sell my flat but the buyers solicitor wants proof that the Management Compny, who purchased the freehold in 1983, own the land. I have passed them a supplemental deed showing that in 1983 we stopped paying the ground rent and it reverted to...

    Land Registry
  • Restrictive Covenants By Guest on 08/01/2019

    Section C: Charges Register
    We live in a converted mansion house (7 Flats) one of the flats had a garden as part of its lease, which with the rest of the gardens stated: To use the land as a domestic garden only and not to permit any development.
    The ...

    Land Registry
  • Would I be liable to pay SDLT/LTT in my first home in the UK if I own from inheritance a 25% share of a property abroad? By Guest on 08/01/2019

    My mother passed away last February and she left me in her will her share from 2 properties. a 25% of our family home, where my father currently lives and a 30% share of my parents summer home. I read that if I own a property or a share of a property even...

  • my dad would like to add my name with his to the deeds of onw of his properties. how do we do this? By Guest on 03/01/2019

    this is not his main property, this is not to give me sole ownership instead of him - thanks...

    Land Registry
  • Management Information Pack By Guest on 03/01/2019

    I purchased a Leasehold Information Pack 12 months ago. The sale fell through. I am now required to buy another Information Pack, for the same price, even when only one or two documents need updating. Why cannot I obtain just the updated documents at a ...

  • home By Guest on 02/01/2019

    wen I bought my home I put daughters name on to get morgadge now I am selling will ther b any problems for her she has never lived in it...

  • Restriction on property By Guest on 01/01/2019

    Can I get property restrictions removed. I'm doing equity release for my mother but at present the property is jointly owned.I have 2 restrictions against me on the property and I want to remove myself from the deeds so I can just do the release in my mom...

    Land Registry
  • resrriction order By Guest on 01/01/2019

    I used to have a iva that finished over a year ago I am now looking to have my mortgage change from interst only to a repayment one but got a letter of my solicitor saying it has a restriction order on it how do I get it removed...

    Land Registry