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  • Transfer of equity, 50% to spouse. By Guest on 22/01/2018

    My wife and I wish to transfer the title of a residential freehold property into joint names. The property is let to tenants. There is no mortgage. We wish to obtain a quotation for the complete service, including all disbursements and taxes....

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Adding spouse to title deed By Guest on 21/01/2018

    Hi, im trying to complete forms ap1, tp1 and id1 to add my name to a property currently in my husbands there any idiots guide to completing these so we dont need to pay conveyancing fees? Also the land registry fee is based on current propert val...

    Land Registry
  • Can housing association ask for exchange of contracts for shared ownership before they completed purchase of property By Guest on 20/01/2018

    Hi we are buying 50% of shares on shared ownership scheme. Housing association has not completed purchase of the property they said they will complete it at the end of Feb. However they want us to exchange contracts now. My solicitor is not willing to exc...

  • Conveyancy fee demand By Guest on 20/01/2018

    We put our house up for sale in Jan 2015 with a fixed £800 fee company, our intention was to downsize as we were due to retire, our daughter and granddaughter had to come back home in March 2015 to live due to a domestic situation, we now needed to with ...

  • TP1 By Guest on 19/01/2018

    We are buying a property. Cash buyers. There is an outstanding TP1 matter. All parties agree and there’s no dispute. It’s be lodged with Land Registry. Unfortunately average turnaround is 63 days and the matter has lodged just as we’re about to Exch...

    Land Registry
  • Transfer of deed to family member By Guest on 19/01/2018

    Can Conveyancer do transfers of deeds to family member?...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Retention agreement/fee concerning service charges By Guest on 19/01/2018

    I have recently sold a leasehold flat and the buyer's solicitor requested a retention of £500 to be held for 12 months on the basis that there may be a deficit in the service charge accounts relating to my period of ownership. I agreed to this on the bas...

  • Do I need to provide certified ID copies to vendors solicitor? By Guest on 18/01/2018

    I am completing my own conveyancing for a property purchase and the vendors solicitor has requested me to provide them with certified copies of my passport/ driving license and a utility bill certified by a solicitor. I will be completing an ID 1 form and...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • How can you find out if the property has any kind of covenant on it By Guest on 16/01/2018

    I need to know about potential covenants on a property I would like to buy,
    There is nothing on the land registry title deeds, where else can I look...

  • Title Rent By Guest on 15/01/2018

    We have sold our property but the purchasers solicitor has brought up the title rent charges in the title deeds. This hasn't been collected for over 97 years - as quoted in the title deeds: The land in this title is with other land unknown subject to a ...