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  • How can you find out if the property has any kind of covenant on it By Guest on 16/01/2018

    I need to know about potential covenants on a property I would like to buy,
    There is nothing on the land registry title deeds, where else can I look...

  • Title Rent By Guest on 15/01/2018

    We have sold our property but the purchasers solicitor has brought up the title rent charges in the title deeds. This hasn't been collected for over 97 years - as quoted in the title deeds: The land in this title is with other land unknown subject to a ...

  • Freehold or leashold bought By Guest on 15/01/2018

    Was told house we have purchase is freehold as the vendors father bought the freehold of developers.we have received a copy off our solicitor which is leashold but on the back its got sum of five thousand4 and also a tp1 attached, the freehold at th a tim...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Change of Ownership after death By Guest on 14/01/2018

    Myself and my ex own property as tenants in common on a 50:50 basis.
    My ex has passed away with no will.
    We have 1 daughter so she is the sole next of kin. She has applied for probate.
    I want to transfer her late mothers half of the property to my daug...

    Land Registry
  • Share of freehold - with underlying lease of 80 years By Guest on 13/01/2018

    Will it be expensive to extend the lease? What would the approximate cost be?

    Are there any implications of an underlying lease of 80years with a 50% share of the freehold?...

    Landlord & Leases
  • change of ownership on title deeds By Guest on 13/01/2018

    Mother in laws house and our house for sale. hers sold ours did'nt. she then bought house for us with money. Title deeds in her name, stamp duty paid. We then sold our house, moved and have paid her back in full. Now want to change deeds into our names. H...

    Land Registry
  • Do you need a contract when buying a property? By Guest on 13/01/2018

    I've agreed to buy a neighbours garage that is he has deeds for but not on land registry ...

    DIY Conveyancing
  • Mortgage and deeds in two different names By Guest on 11/01/2018

    Can I buy a flat with a mortgage but put my daughter's name on the deeds?...

  • Removing Contract Clauses By Guest on 11/01/2018

    It is usually a standard condition in a contract that the seller is required to notify the buyer of any change of circumstances or information in respect of the property that they become aware of up until the date of completion, even where the contract ha...

  • transfer of equity By Guest on 10/01/2018

    I would like to pay off the remaining mortgage on a friend's house (£25,000 on house of value £100,000)and want to check that we are able to use your DIY Transfer of Equity kit for this if i will not be living in the house but the friend will remain th...

    DIY Conveyancing