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  • add daughter to deeds on rental properties By Guest on 15/02/2019

    can I add my daughter onto properties I own in my name only...

    Land Registry
  • can i sell my field if the deeds aren't in my name By Guest on 15/02/2019

    My mother owns a field that was her grandmothers - the deeds have not been updated to reflect the change of ownership. My mother wants to sell the field, can she do this if the deeds aren't in her name ?...

    Land Registry
  • Who can request the Land Registry for a rectification to a title deed? By Guest on 14/02/2019

    I am selling a property (residential) 14 months after I purchased it and have just been informed that there is a right of way on my property that belongs to the original sellers so this is now preventing me from selling my property. I have asked the orig...

    Land Registry
  • my landlord want me to pay 75 percentage which state in there tp1 for the access way By Guest on 12/02/2019

    i do not belive that i should pay for the 75% that written in the tp1 transfer document ...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Understanding terminology By Guest on 11/02/2019

    in laymans terms what does the below mean?
    (16.04.2014) RESTRICTION: No disposition by the proprietor of the
    registered estate to which section 117-121 or section 124 of the
    Charities Act 2011 applies is to be registered unless the instrument

    Land Registry
  • Bankruptcy Restriction By Guest on 11/02/2019

    This was placed on the property in 2009 my discharge was 2010.
    My buy to let mortgage expires December 2019, can I apply to have the restriction removed as i want to remortgage the property....

  • Interim charging order on my property By Guest on 11/02/2019

    Hi could you help
    I’m in completion stage of a re mortgage on a property that I own outright
    I received a interim charging order on Saturday that has been registered with
    Land registry could you tell me if the mortgage is likely to go through

  • Property rights after the deed holder dies. By Guest on 10/02/2019


    My sister, nan and I had a mortgage on her ex council property. She was solely on the deed. My nan has passed away and I would like to know legally where I stand. I have a trust deed that says im entitled to 25% of the property when it is sold. ...

  • House exchange By Guest on 10/02/2019

    We are looking at a house swap with a friend of ours. Our house is valued at 330k my friends property is valued at 300k. We have agreed the we will receive a 30k payment as part of the exchange. We have an outstanding mortgage of 23k, my question is can t...

  • remortgage with interim charging order By Guest on 09/02/2019

    Im in the completion stage of remortgaging my home which I own out rite and complete in 6 days time and have just received a interim charging order from an unpaid CSA claim will my mortgage still go through........?...