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  • Trasfering a share of an estate which i have inherited to my wife By Guest on 24/06/2019

    Hi I have a share in a property abroad which has be left to me by my mother and I wish to gift this to my wife.

    according to my mothers will I own 1/6 of this property, can I use a simple gifting deed to gift my wife?...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Transfer of title to another landowner By Guest on 24/06/2019

    I bought a commercial property in Wales that included a small parcel of land shown edged on the title deeds
    Seeing historical maps and talking to neighbours, they say this bit of land belongs to another neighbour who owns the pathway either side of it an...

    Land Registry
  • Land title By Guest on 24/06/2019

    I have a conveyancer who not really understands unadopted roads.
    The house I'm buying has an unadopted road running to it and the current vendor has made an adverse possesion on it in 2010. I guess they cant do that as the road is used for access to 3 ot...

    Land Registry
  • Restrictions on Title By Guest on 24/06/2019

    Hi, my wife and I own a house outright and we want to place a restriction on the land register so that in the event of both our deaths our son and daughter will not sell the property either until a specified date or unless they have the permission of a mo...

    Land Registry
  • Removing deceased person from deed and restrictions By Guest on 24/06/2019


    The deed has an interim charging order on it from a debt my dad had. He has passed away last year. If he is removed from the deed, does the charging order in his name get removed too?
    Thanks ...

    Land Registry
  • Boundary wall in wrong place By Guest on 22/06/2019

    I bought a Victorian terraced property with a creeping freehold five years ago ( my kitchen runs under next door’s bedroom/bathroom)& have since discovered that although it states quite clearly on my deeds that the outside yard boundary runs in line wit...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • Land Ownership By Guest on 21/06/2019

    There is a patch of unregistered land outside our property. I have done a title and deeds search, and it has come back un registered. Having spoken to locals, it used to belong to the owners of my property, and therefore we want to claim it back.
    What is...

    Land Registry
  • Can an estate agent demand a lien on title with Land Registry? By Guest on 21/06/2019

    My estate agent's contract includes a clause requiring me to allow a lien on the title of the property with Land Registry to 'protect their fees'. Is this normal - or even legal?...

  • Breach of covenant By Guest on 20/06/2019

    We bought a flat in 2015 with laminate flooring which is on a flying freehold(no one underneath, but clause says we have to carpet all rooms except kitchen and bathroom, but this was not raised during sale.. how much should indemnity policy cost for a two...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • SPIF FORM By Guest on 19/06/2019

    Does the SPIF form have to be completed in Scotland ...

    Neighbour Disputes