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Questions Related To Mortgages

  • MIL lending deposit to my OH for our house deposit By Guest on 16/06/2018

    Hiya, We are looking at buying our first house together. My MIL has kindly offered to lend the money for the full deposit but will only put the contract in my OHs name even though she is expecting us to both pay her back equally. The mortgage will also be...

  • Shopping land over By Guest on 04/06/2018

    What can I do if my next door neighbours mortgage company NRam, is holding up the sale of my house, by delaying a decision to swop like for like pieces of land with each other....

  • occupier waiver form By Guest on 25/05/2018

    what is the average solicitor's charge for witnessing an occupier waiver form?

  • How do I add someone to my mortgage? By Guest on 23/05/2018

    Hi there - my husband is the sole name on the mortgage and I want to be added to allow us to get a better mortgage rate but I understand that the title deeds need to be changed to allow us to do this? Just wondering if this is something I can do myself a...

  • Coming off a joint mortgage By Guest on 22/05/2018

    I need to come off a joint mortgage. My ex is buying me out and I need to come off the mortgage but don’t know what I need to do? Do I need a solicitor?...

  • Ex signed deed of separation but will not complete transfer of the mortgage into my sole name. By Guest on 01/05/2018

    Stated she had no financial interest in the property. Sent paper work several times but claims to have not received it.
    Has stalled the process by 3 months now.
    How do I go about getting the district judge to sign it on her behalf and issue a cost orde...

  • Title completion certificate By Guest on 23/04/2018

    I currently have a joint mortgage and presume title deeds are in joint names. I am separating from my husband and I have applied for a mortgage in my name only which will include £50000 to pay him. The building society said I need a solicitor to get a ti...

  • Combining properties By Guest on 15/04/2018

    I have two adjacent properties that I wish to combine. Currently both have mortgages on them. Am I able to get a bridging loan to pay off one mortgage and then combine the deeds or do I need to have both deeds mortgage free? If I can do it with one mortga...

  • occupiers consent and postponement deed By Guest on 09/04/2018

    If I'm applying for a Buy to let mortgage, why would the lenders legal team ask for this document to be signed by the occupier who is not financially tied to the property? Would the rights of the tenant be covered in the tenancy agreement?...

  • Property Ownership By Guest on 01/04/2018

    My son has the mortgage in his name as I was unable to get one over a longer period to make it affordable for me. There is not and has not/never been any financial expectation or contribution from him. We want to put together a document that states the pr...