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Questions Related To Mortgages

  • Restrictions on the title deeds By Guest on 18/03/2018

    Hi we are wanting to remortgage our home but got into financial difficulty many years ago which resulted in serveral restrictions being placed on our title deeds. I am wondering if remortgage is still possible and how we go about this. What if we decide...

  • How I got my desired loan without any stress. By Guest on 17/03/2018

    How I got my desired loan without any stress.

    I am Martha Colin, I resides in Washington. I was financially down some few months ago, and during the cause of getting an affordable loan I was scammed by three different online lenders. I had completely ...

  • Early Repayment Charges (Halifax) By Guest on 08/03/2018

    Hi, I'm in the process of selling a property where my current mortgage has early repayment charges that end in 6 weeks time. Do the charges apply on exchange of contracts or completion?...

  • transfer of beneficial interest in property By Guest on 30/01/2018

    In 2011 I got divorced, I now need to get a fixed rate for my mortgage as it is currently on a variable rate but the bank is insisting I get a signature from my ex. I do not know his whereabouts. The District Judge also said "THE RESPONDENT HUSBAND (my ex...

  • Paying Stamp Duty By Guest on 23/01/2018

    Can someone help me please before I go mad. My daughter has split up from her boyfriend. She can not afford to pay the mortgage herself as the lender does not think she earns enough however she realises just how hard it would be to get back onto the prope...

  • Mortgage and deeds in two different names By Guest on 11/01/2018

    Can I buy a flat with a mortgage but put my daughter's name on the deeds?...

  • Higher rate SDLT additional dwelling By Guest on 08/01/2018


    My partner is looking to buy a property however because he's self employed he can't secure a big enough mortgage and I have offered to take out a mortgage with him.

    I am not planning to be on the deed as I will not contribute to the deposit - a...

  • girlfriend moving out don't want to sign occupiers letter of consent form bank By Guest on 03/12/2017

    can mortgage loan still go through to completion if girlfriend moving out does not sign occupiers form...

  • HOW I GOT MY LOAN By Guest on 01/12/2017

    Hello everyone am very happy today I just received my loan from one God fearing woman Mrs Alberta when all my hope was lost that I can never get a loan anymore because I have been scammed by many lenders but I just encourage my self and take a bold step a...

  • Borrowers Undertaking question By Guest on 06/11/2017

    I am remortgaging to make some home improvements. The lender's solicitor has asked for a signed borrowers undertaking relating to "works detailed in the valuation report". The valuation report says "The rear extension, which houses the kitchen, is of sub-...