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Questions Related To Mortgages

  • Mortgage and deeds in two different names By Guest on 11/01/2018

    Can I buy a flat with a mortgage but put my daughter's name on the deeds?...

  • Higher rate SDLT additional dwelling By Guest on 08/01/2018


    My partner is looking to buy a property however because he's self employed he can't secure a big enough mortgage and I have offered to take out a mortgage with him.

    I am not planning to be on the deed as I will not contribute to the deposit - a...

  • girlfriend moving out don't want to sign occupiers letter of consent form bank By Guest on 03/12/2017

    can mortgage loan still go through to completion if girlfriend moving out does not sign occupiers form...

  • HOW I GOT MY LOAN By Guest on 01/12/2017

    Hello everyone am very happy today I just received my loan from one God fearing woman Mrs Alberta when all my hope was lost that I can never get a loan anymore because I have been scammed by many lenders but I just encourage my self and take a bold step a...

  • Borrowers Undertaking question By Guest on 06/11/2017

    I am remortgaging to make some home improvements. The lender's solicitor has asked for a signed borrowers undertaking relating to "works detailed in the valuation report". The valuation report says "The rear extension, which houses the kitchen, is of sub-...

  • restrictions and remortgaging By Guest on 03/11/2017

    My wife has a flat on which she would like to remortgage. However, her ex husband has placed a restriction on the property claiming equitable interest. He has not taken my wife to court and my wife has not gone to court to get an order to get the restrict...

  • Morgadge stamp duty advice By Guest on 30/10/2017

    have a flat with halifax on an agreement to lease if I buy another property for myself to live in how much stamp duty will I pay and will I be classed as a first time buyer ...

  • mortgage completed but ownership not changed By Guest on 26/10/2017

    Mortgage was held in three names; property was remortgaged into one name removing two names from the mortgage; mortgage completed; 3% stamp duty paid as ownership change equalled a purchase; lender’s conveyancer did not inform Land Registry / submit TR...

  • criminal record By Guest on 24/10/2017

    who do i apply for a mortgage with when i have a criminal conviction. I have 19 unencumbered properties...

  • Stamp duty inherited share abroad By Guest on 20/10/2017

    I am trying to buy my first house in UK but i am confused about the stamp duty. In 2007 i inherited 50% of an apartment abroad after my father died. The other half belongs to my mother who is living there. How can i prove that my share is worth no more th...