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Questions Related To Mortgages

  • Deed of Variation By Guest on 21/11/2019

    My mortgage lender is asking for a deed of variation for a 25 day notice period for access. The Leaseholder has refused this. Is this a standard deed request?...

  • mortgage for 2 title deeds By Guest on 11/10/2019

    can you join 2 title deeds one for a house and one for 2 acres of land...

  • Photo ID verification if outside th UK By Guest on 29/09/2019

    I have just received the client care letter for a joint remortgage from my solicitor, however my wife is overseas at the do i verify her passport ID ( true likeness to individual) if she is not in the uk...

  • I'm a landlord do I need a section in my contract stating the mortgage company can take possession of property with tenant inside I fall in mortgage arrears By Guest on 27/09/2019

    I've been told I need this clause in my AST...

  • Covenance By Guest on 29/08/2019

    My mum lent my sister £80K for a deposit on her house approx 11 yrs ago. She had a covenance stipulating my mum was to be informed if the house was sold as she has a claim on any profit/equity. Sister has fallen out with my mum 8 months ago & we know she...

  • Title deeds and mortgage By Guest on 04/08/2019

    My wife is named on the mortgage and deeds of her parents house with her parents and brother (4 ppl in total) which she lived in before we got married 6 years ago.
    We’ve managed to buy our property 6 yrs ago without any
    Issues. Now we’re lookin...

  • Re mortgage using a power of attorney By Guest on 17/07/2019

    I have lasting POA as my wife has dementia and we need to seek a mortgage or loan against the property I was thinking about interest only retirement mortgage. the property is currently free and clear and has no mortgage attached. What do I ned to do to ge...

  • Unregistered property By Guest on 15/07/2019

    I am purchasing an unregistered property with a mortgage, will the current owner have to register the property first or can this be done by my solicitor after completion....

  • divorce By Guest on 07/07/2019

    can you complete a transfer of equity before you have your finances in order with the court...

  • Mortgage offer By Guest on 03/07/2019

    What is confirmatory letter? why do we do that letter while preparing mortgage report to client?...