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  • New home By Guest on 19/06/2018

    I was told by the developer building my new premises I had to exchange yesterday or they were pulling contracts. The whole chain exchanged but when I went to exchange with the developer their solicitor was not ready as they had let the Authority to Exchan...

  • Change of Title Deeds By Guest on 18/06/2018

    Is this wording correct on a TR1 form. The transferor has received from the transferee for the property the following sum (in words and figures):and half the mortgage debt of one hundred and sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty nine pounds £116,669.0...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • How to remove a name from Title deeds By Guest on 18/06/2018

    My husband and his mother purchased under the right to buy her council house, both of their names are on the title deeds.
    We were advised at the time to write a will so in the event anything happened to either party the property would go the correct ...

    Land Registry
  • Transferring equity of property to my partner and is stamp duty payable/ By Guest on 17/06/2018

    My partner and I own a property as tenants in common with unequal shares (declaration of trust is in place) ie 25%/75% and my partner is transferring his share of 25% worth £100,000 to me (property worth £400,000), will I have to pay stamp duty as a res...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • MIL lending deposit to my OH for our house deposit By Guest on 16/06/2018

    Hiya, We are looking at buying our first house together. My MIL has kindly offered to lend the money for the full deposit but will only put the contract in my OHs name even though she is expecting us to both pay her back equally. The mortgage will also be...

  • car spaces on title deeds By Guest on 15/06/2018

    I am reading the title deeds of a property I am hoping to buy. There are a few maisonettes in a small development, in the middle of a good residential road. The rest are houses. There are 7 properties and 7 car spaces. The deeds shows that one property h...

    Land Registry
  • Cash Gift already given, need proof document IHT By Guest on 15/06/2018

    Hi Trying to make a retrospective Gift document. I want it as proof that the gift given last year was intended. Also within what I have already drafted, it mentions, that part of the money was repayment for monies loaned to me to fix up my home.
    It nee...

    Transfers & Gifts
  • Notice days for completion of new build By Guest on 15/06/2018

    I bought a new house from Persimmon. The original date of completion was March 2018 but it was delayed month by month. Verbally they said they are targeting end of June for completion and have booked home demo on 22 June. They are releasing a notice today...

  • Ground rent By Guest on 15/06/2018

    I am about to purchase my ground rent and will receive a transfer receipt, do I have to register the transfer....

    Land Registry
  • Locating sewer exit and starting points with neighbour By Guest on 14/06/2018

    Hi, we have obtained the Thames water property asset search with regards to our sewers, but apparently this isn’t enough and they want to know where our connections are with our sewer and the neighbours. I’m not sure how we go about getting these deta...

    Planning & Building Regs