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Questions Related To Completion

  • Late Completion By Guest on 27/04/2016

    If the seller doesn't tell you (as agreed) that he has vacated the property until five minutes before the 2pm deadline but you can't get the money through the bank before 2pm (despite doing this straight away), what are his chances of his successfully rec...

  • I haven't got keys on completion day By Guest on 27/04/2016

    I was supposed to get the keys to me new property today however, i haven't got the keys. My solicitors rang me at half 12 to say we have completed and the keys are ready to be picked up from the vendor but i have had no luck. I would like to know where i ...

  • Missing documentation for property to let By Guest on 27/04/2016


    We have recently completed the purchase of a property which we will be letting. The prupose of the purchase was made clear to our conveyancer and is stated in some of his correspondence to us. However, upon inspection, we found that there was no g...

  • Seller needs to delay completion by 3 weeks because of illness By Guest on 19/04/2016

    I'm selling my house and have exchanged contracts (buyer has no onward chain). But I have broken my leg making moving house on the completion date very difficult. I would like to delay the completion date by 3 weeks - by which time the cast will be off an...

  • as a director/personnel officer of a limited company can i countersign identity documents By FIRSTTINE1 on 11/04/2016

    I have completed the documentation for the transfer of equity, the home owner needs his identity confirmed. As a director/personnel officer of a Limited company can I countersign his documents for Land registry...

  • Do I need a memorandum of stair casing document if am stair casing 100% on a leasehold property? By Guest on 08/04/2016


  • Transfer of funds after completion day By Guest on 04/04/2016

    I am a seller. We agreed on completion date to be 31st March (last Thursday). But the buyer's mortgage provider has not transfer the funds yet. They've had 3 working days by now. Is such a delay normal?...

  • Licence for seller to occupy after completion v delayed completion By Guest on 25/03/2016

    We are in the middle of a chain. Our buyer's end insist on completing by a deadline and our vendor insists on completing a week later. two possible solutions have been suggested. Option One is delayed completion on our purchase (we would rent elsewhere ...

  • Amendments after exchange By Guest on 17/02/2016

    I wonder if you might be able to help i cant really find a definite answer anywhere as to whether its possible to make amendments after exchange and how you'd go about doing it if it is possible?...

  • can not agree on completion date By Guest on 02/02/2016

    i need advice as to options that I have to be satisfactory both to me and a vendor. We agreed on the price, but we are having problems to agree on the date. I want to complete before 1st of April, i.e. before the new stamp duty will be applicable. The ven...