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Questions Related To Landlord & Leases

  • Leasehold agreement includes garage not in title By Guest on 07/05/2015

    I am in the process of purchasing a leasehold flat built in the 80s. Originally the flat was assigned a separate garage but it seems it no longer does.
    The freehold documents show the garage was "determined" from the title and a separate lease for the gar...

    Landlord & Leases
  • extension of lease By Guest on 24/02/2015

    we are 10 flats who also own our freehold. we have instructed a solicitor to act for us. He says that we also need an individual solicitor as well. Can we not do this bit ourselves?...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Deed of variation By Guest on 21/02/2015

    Can a landlord in a new deed of variation ask to 1. borrow funds if necessary to comply with covenents and claim back principal and interest from the service charge? 2. Ask to charge whatever fee is "reasonable" when there is a change of ownership without...

    Landlord & Leases
  • leasehold land be split & sold By Guest on 26/01/2015

    I have a large leasehold land. Can it be split and sold as 2 separate units. I can't locate the freeholder to check with (absent freeholder)....

    Landlord & Leases
  • Lease defect By Guest on 15/01/2015

    I am selling a leasehold property with long lease. The original lease state that the block is edged in blue on the plan, but the blue is missing from plan. Also mentions a store plan, however it is not in the lease, I do not have a store with the property...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Freehold for leasehold land By Guest on 08/01/2015

    We own a freehold property and with this there is a piece of garden which is leasehold. The leasehold land does not have any access except via my house as part of my extended garden.

    Absent Freeholder – no annual rent has been collected for over 30 y...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Form RX4 By Guest on 14/11/2014

    We handled our lease extension ourselves and have been told by the Land Registry that the original leasehold registration cannot be surrendered while there is an existing consent restriction. My question is should the landlord's solicitors have withdrawn ...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Selling share of Freehold flat By Guest on 20/10/2014

    Hello, I am currently selling my first floor maisonette which has the share of the freehold with the ground floor one. My downstairs neighbours though are refusing to sign any LPE1 form or provode any info we require to answer some of our buyers' solicito...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Landlord consent By Guest on 23/09/2014

    I am purchasing a leasehold property and want to take down an internal wall, which is non load bearing. The lease details landlords permission is required. My solicitor has raised this as an enqury and I have asked them to obtain consent pre exchange. Do...

    Landlord & Leases
  • LPE1 Permission to assign By Guest on 11/09/2014

    Whos responsibility is it to apply to the landlord for permission to assign the lease, The buyers solicitor, the sellers solicitor or the management company, this really does seem to be a grey area and is holding up and could possibly put my sale in jeapo...

    Landlord & Leases