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Questions Related To Landlord & Leases

  • buying freehold / unregistered land By Guest on 08/12/2015

    I am an owner of first floor flat (two in the building) I am in the process of purchasing the share of freehold. It apprears there is an unregistered land attached to the freehold. Is this land belongs to any flat or it is shared? Can the freeholder sell ...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Flying Freehold By Guest on 25/11/2015

    Our neighbour's house (leasehold) has a flying freehold over our maisonette. Both properties were originally one house but have been divided. We live in the maisonette and own the freehold of both properties. The leases of both properties stipulate t...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Do I have any grounds for compensation? By Guest on 25/11/2015

    I own a garage on nearby land rented from the local council. They have applied for planning permission to build two houses on the garage site. I bought my property because of the nearby garage which will now be more difficult to sell and the value of my p...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Lease extenion in Enfield, London By Guest on 02/11/2015

    Why is a UK solicitor charging 'indemnity insurance contribution' relative to a lease extension transaction. There is no issue regarding 'title' - the lease landlord has extended the lease without any issues....

    Landlord & Leases
  • Shared ownership with housing association By Guest on 24/10/2015

    My eldest son is Personal Representative of his mother's estate(who died interstate) she has lived as leaseholder under a shared ownership lease in property and now my son wants to assign the lease into his name in place of his mother, but the housing ass...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Should I sign a lease document after buying a flat? By Guest on 20/10/2015

    I have just bought a flat which is part of a block owned and managed by a housing association. The sale is completed and we have signed the TR1.

    I have a copy of a Lease document (with info about covenants, services, etc.) signed by our sellers when they...

    Landlord & Leases
  • pre contract enquiries By Guest on 17/10/2015

    can a freeholder refuse to answer pre contract enquiries? what can a purchaser do if the landlord does so?...

    Landlord & Leases
  • Missing Landlord on Leasehold Garage By Guest on 22/09/2015

    I'm in the process of buying a Freehold house that has a Leasehold garage. My seller has confirmed in writing that they have never been asked to pay their nominal £1 annual ground rent for the garage and that they have never been asked to contribute to a...

    Landlord & Leases
  • fire front door on a flat in communal hallway By Guest on 22/09/2015

    Is there a legal or a regulation that states a 1930's period property has to change the flat front door to FD30 doors, if there is nothing wrong with the existing doors?...

    Landlord & Leases
  • How do you know if a deed of covenant is required when purchasing a leasehold property By Guest on 13/08/2015


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