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Questions Related To Neighbour Disputes

  • How to get rid of a Covenant to stop access. By Guest on 18/05/2018

    My Boyfriend bought a house with some land, the people that sold him the house and land ask if they could still use the gate way into the field next door,while they sell the barn and field. There is another gate they could use to gain access into this par...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • I want my kids back By Guest on 02/04/2018

    I neglected to inform I fell while feeding my baby because my mother lost 2 children to docs a few years ago and my baby had a broken arm I reported 2 weeks later...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • Confusion re boundaries By Guest on 26/03/2018

    We live on a private road (unadopted) with footpaths round the close. Our neighbours seem to think they own the footpath and to the middle of the road outside their property but we think we are all responsible. Also they are parking all over the footpat...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • Neighbour sends letters moaning about fence By Guest on 17/03/2018

    Neighbour sends letters about a trellis put on our fence. No official dispute. Does this need to go on tr6 form section 2.1, 2.2 or 3.1?
    There is no official dispute just a letter from neighbour to which no reply was sent ...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • How can I get next door to move his conservatory back 18ins By Guest on 18/02/2018

    I have just purchased my late mothers flying freehold property. My mother became very depressed over next door building a huge conservatory in the blue shaded area on the title deeds. Not only that the length of conservatory exceeds length of internal pro...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • How to claim unregistered land By Guest on 14/02/2018

    We purchased a house which is registered with the land registry, i have the title deeds in my name , the land surrounding the house is unregistered. There are no title deeds and we do not know the owner. I applied for adverse possession that was rejected,...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • Boundary dispute By Guest on 09/02/2018

    My house is a terraced house. The boundary runs through the party wall and down the garden (about 5 meters). It is very straightforward. I have a report from a RICS surveyor who confirms this is the case. My neighbour claims this is not the case as when h...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • party wall query By Guest on 01/12/2017

    A party wall award was drawn up between building owner and adjoining owner prior to works commencing which enabled building owner to remove a 1st floor glass conservatory which was an obstruction to raising the party wall. Works proceeded, and the new bri...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • Accessway issues By Guest on 03/11/2017

    I have a path across my garden which on my title is called a tractor accessway for maintenance. This allows our neighbours to drive across and mow their field and is the only way for them to do so. However they have decided to use the accessway as a foo...

    Neighbour Disputes
  • Can I get shared septic tank removed from deeds of own house and next door? By Guest on 07/10/2017

    Deeds show 50:50 split for maintenance of shared septic tank. They always refuse to pay 50% as there are less people living in their property. We're putting our own treatment plant in exclusively for our use. Can we get deeds changed so we have no resp...

    Neighbour Disputes