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Questions Related To Legal Indemnity Insurance

  • Freehold with under-leases By Guest on 12/07/2019


    I am in the process of buying the freehold to a building that has had two of the floors converted to apartments and sold them on. I am going to convert the meaning top floor from office to residential and sell the apartments on.

    However, the GF...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Breach of covenant By Guest on 20/06/2019

    We bought a flat in 2015 with laminate flooring which is on a flying freehold(no one underneath, but clause says we have to carpet all rooms except kitchen and bathroom, but this was not raised during sale.. how much should indemnity policy cost for a two...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • dropped kerb By Guest on 12/06/2019

    hi, we are in the process of selling our house. we have no cosent from the county council and its unlikely they will due to the length of the drive.
    we were advised to contact the council which did. now the buyers solictor has said a policy would be acce...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • No consent from freeholder - can’t get indemnity insurance By Guest on 05/06/2019

    We bought a house less than 12 months ago and converted the garage without obtaining the consent from the freeholder. We now want to sell but understand an indemnity policy won’t be possible. What are my options?...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Breach Indemnity Advise By Guest on 18/03/2019

    I urgently need advise regarding a breach of covenant indemnity. Your website mentions that is the breach has gone unchallenged for over 20 years that the matter can no longer be pursued. I urgently need advise on this matter...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • indemnity against charge not being released By Guest on 07/11/2018

    My mother in law has sold her house and the buyers are asking for confirmation that a charge will be released on completion.
    The charge holder- ex husband- is still bitter and controlling and neither he nor his solicitor are confirming that they will rel...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Do I need indemnity insurance? By Guest on 07/06/2018

    We are selling our house and were near exchange when buyers solicitor said that we dont own the garden. The land registry title plan only shows the house (red line). The black line, which is our garden, is unregistred land. We have owned house for 14 year...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • In finished works By Guest on 20/03/2018

    I'm purchasing a top floor flat in a block which lost external cladding in a storm 3yrs ago. To date no repair has been carried out. Can I get an indemnity insurance to cover the cost should work be done and I'm charged after the sale completes?...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Absence of Easement By Guest on 13/03/2018

    I am purchasing some land which currently has no access way. The plan is to create accessway over unregistered land. The seller has offered a Defective title and Absence of Easement Policy. the policy is subject to the land being used for 12 months witho...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Varying lease to amend an address By Guest on 05/02/2018

    My buyers solicitor wants me to vary my lease because the building address is 1 and since it is now 4 flats 1a 1b 1c and 1d. So she want the 'building' listed as 1a 1b 1c and 1d. Would indemnity insurance be a way round this ?...

    Legal Indemnity Insurance