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Questions Related To Completion

  • Probate Sale By Guest on 08/02/2018

    My children are the beneficiaries of my ex-wife's estate following her death last year. My daughter is executor and is dealing with the sale but my son is still living at the property as he cannot move without the proceeds of the sale of the house. The ...

  • Power of Attourney query By Guest on 29/01/2018

    I am unable to complete the house purchase due to being away from the country, i need a power of attourney but am unsure how to proceed or what type...

  • Can housing association ask for exchange of contracts for shared ownership before they completed purchase of property By Guest on 20/01/2018

    Hi we are buying 50% of shares on shared ownership scheme. Housing association has not completed purchase of the property they said they will complete it at the end of Feb. However they want us to exchange contracts now. My solicitor is not willing to exc...

  • TR1 signature from other freeholder is holding everything up. By Guest on 19/12/2017

    We are well overdue completion. The reason being that we are waiting for the TR1 form to be signed by the other freeholders (We are purchasing with share of freehold).

    there are 3 freeholders within the block. One of which we are waiting to return from...

  • Buyer wants to carry out remedial work between contract exchange and completion By Guest on 28/11/2017

    Is this advisable? Who insures the property at contract exchange and completion? What happens if sale falls through and remedial work has not been completed?...

  • Breach of contract By Guest on 14/11/2017

    Completion date to be arrange and now the seller is buying. He didn't inform me or his estate agents. I was lead to believe there was no chain....

  • unable to move on completion date By Guest on 13/11/2017

    There are 3 people in our chain. All are cash buyers. The person at the top of our chain is expecting to move into a new build property. The developer has told them that the new property will not be ready to move into and will have to waite for at least 3...

  • On Completion How is Money Divided By Guest on 03/10/2017

    I own the title deeds to property and have paid mortgage for 9 years. 4 years ago partner was put on mortgage, he doesn't pay towards it and does not live with me. On completion will the Solicitor put remaining money into my account?...

  • TR1 By Guest on 28/07/2017

    Divorce settlement. House being transferred to one party for an agreed sum. When does the Transferee have to send the completed TR1 to the Conveyance company. Before or after the money is released?...

  • Caretakers agreement By Guest on 24/06/2017

    Rules on caretakers agreements...