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    By Guest on 06th Sep 2014

    Hi I am in the process of selling my property but I have outstanding arrears with the water company. Will this affect the sale of the property?

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    By Guest on 06/09/2014

    Not unless the water company have obtained a charging order against you (and registered it against the property title). Like all utilities, your water bill is a personal debt and does not attach to the land so a future owner cannot be liable however as with any creditor the water company can go to Court and obtain an order allowing it to register a financial charge against your property. If it does so then you your conveyancer will have to pay the debt out of the proceeds of sale as part of the conveyancing process and if the sale proceeds are not sufficient you will not be able to sell. If the debt isn't paid out of the sale proceeds you will continue to be liable for it after the sale completes

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