• Purchasing A Leasehold Flat

    By Guest on 07th Jun 2015

    I am purchasing a leasehold flat in the UK. I want to go abroad for the duration of the legal process, can I be out of the UK while this purchase goes ahead

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    By Guest on 07/06/2015

  • By Guest on 08/06/2015

    If you are using a solicitor that is used to operating at a distance (rather than meeting clients face to face) then this should be fine. You will need to sign various documents. Sometimes they can be emailed to you but you will need to print them and post them back signed. Sometimes the solicitor might have to post you the hard copy. Your solicitor will need to see either the originals of your identity documents or copies certified by a solicitor or other official such as someone at the British Embassy so assuming you're not comfortable sending the originals in the post this can cause a problem. It isn't an ideal situation and you being out of the country may slow the transaction down a little, but it isn't impossible

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