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    By Guest on 29th Jun 2015

    We completed on our house a month ago and have received a letter from our buyers solicitor advising that there was a dispute with a tree at the property I have sold, and as such they have had to receive a quote to remove the tree. Now I have never had a dispute with the neighbour, after we exchanged and before we completed he asked that we pay for his fence as he said our tree was causing damage. We had it checked and was told the tree had not caused any damage it was due to the fence's height (8ft) and years of being moved by the wind. (The fence is 70ft long). We declined to pay for the fence on this ground (and it wasn't ours). Now we are being told we did not declare a dispute? Can anyone advise on this please?

    Secondly the house we sold had an electric cable running from the roof of the property to the garage providing power. Many, if not all of the houses down that road had similar set up. The wire was old and had been patched up a couple of times before we brought the property, the buyer when viewing commented it looked an eyesore. The buyers solicitor has now said that within a fortnight of them moving in the property narrowly avoided a house fire because of this cable. Now this cable is highly visible, and in my eyes should have been picked up by the surveyor if deemed a risk.

    Could you please advise if you think I am liable for either of these things?

    Many Thanks

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    Sorry I can not see this answer.

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