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    By Guest on 31st Jan 2014

    I sold a leashold flat and between exchange and completion the leaseholder rebuilt a garden wall the cost of which will be billed to 6 flats. Will I be liable for the cost of will my buyer as he was technically responsible for the flat after exchange.

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    By Guest on 03/02/2014


    Under the standard conditions of sale you as the seller are liable for any service charges which are due prior to completion so unless the standard conditions have been varied by a special condition, which would be unusual, you will be liable. You should always check with your conveyance however.

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  • By Guest on 08/03/2014

    For these purposes the seller is deemed to own the property until the end of the day on which completion takes place (see standard condition 6.3 of the 5th edition standard conditions) therefore you would be responsible for the cost. It may be worth considering whether the landlord followed the proper notice procedures before doing the work however, to establish whether he is entitled to demand payment at all.

  • By Guest on 26/07/2014

    You will be liable. You are responsible for the service charges while ever you are the owner of the property and you do not cease being the owner until completion.

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