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    By Guest on 08th Jun 2015

    Good morning,

    I have recently purchased a flat (leasehold) and I have used a local solicitor as a conveyance agent. Upon the completion I have received a copy of the lease which is signed by myself and the solicitors I have used, but not by the other side, which is Rochdale Boroughwide Council. In addition to that I have been issued land registry documents which consist of:
    1) Copy of register of the title,
    2) Title plan (an ordnance survey map)

    This is a first occasion I am buying a property. My solicitors insist these are all the documents I should get, but I am not convinced. Could you please advise me If the lease should be signed by both sides and should I get the property deeds since it has been paid off fully.
    Thank you for your time,


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    By Guest on 08/06/2015

    Title deeds as you probably imagine them have been replaced by a system of electronic registration, the register being held by the Land Registry. This means that you no longer prove ownership by being I possession of the deeds but rather, by showing you are the person named as the Registered Proprietor on the electronic register. The "register of title" you refer to is a print out of the electronic register so check section B and make sure your name appears. You would normally have received the lease signed by the council and they would have the copy signed by you but it doesn't really matter as the original will have been lodged with the Land Registry. For a purchase from the council you would probably not receive anything else so your solicitor is correct.

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