• Do I Require A Solicitor

    By Guest on 04th Mar 2014

    Must I hire a solicitor to sell a property.

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    By Guest on 08/03/2014

    No you do not, though you should seriously consider employing one. You may find the buyer's solicitor is reluctant to deal with you directly and he may attempt to put obstacles in your way. If you do decide to represent yourself then think about registering with us by visiting http://freeconveyancingadvice.co.uk/register. You'll find some useful documents and guides to assist you. Alternatively, visit http://freeconveyancingadvice.co.uk/quote/conveyancing-quote for a free, instant, no obligation conveyancing quote

  • By Guest on 12/06/2014

    Not necessarily. You may get some pressure from the buyer's solicitors and or the selling agents to do so and you will have to employ a solicitor to pay off the mortgage (or pay the buyer's solicitor to do it if he is prepared to) but otherwise you are entitle to act for yourself.

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