• Deed Of Convenant And Restriction On Land Registry

    By Guest on 24th Jun 2015

    Hi, I am purcahsing a freehold semi-detached house (5yrs old property) in a new estate. My convenyancer is charging me for a deed of convenant, restriction on land registry, notice of mortgage and notice of charge which all relates to management company. This is a freehold semi-detsached property and we do not have any communal grounds with our neighbours.

    Are these charges applicable/ relevant? please advise. Many thanks.


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    By Guest on 24/06/2015

    Without seeing the title deeds and the management company's information pack I couldn't be certain but these are typical of properties on estates with a freehold management company including freehold properties

  • By Guest on 24/06/2015

    Thanks! On the TP1 form for the property, there is a signature of the management company but the deed of convening on the 8th schedule was neither filled out not signed. Just confused! I have spoken to my conveyancer and they can't seem to provide me with an explanation, other than to wait for the management company pack.

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