• Remortgaging To A Buy To Let, Will They Accept Indemnity Insurance For A Loft Room?

    By Guest on 19th Mar 2015

    I am changing my residential mortgage to a buy to let so I can take my deposit out to buy on, It is a two bedroomed with loft room but the surveyor has mentioned in his survey to make sure all the necessary permissions and consents were in place. The work is not quite 10 years old so I have offered indemnity insurance but they have asked for us to obtain retrospective building regs will all buy to let mortgages ask for this and could we put indemnity in place if it was us that done the work and are keeping the house?

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    By Guest on 12/10/2016


    Many lenders wpuld accept indemnity insurance provided there is no indication of local authority having commenced enforcement action and provided the survey doesn't reveal any concerns as to the standard of the work

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