• By Signing The Mortgage Deed As 'Occupier' What Are My Legal Rights?

    By Guest on 18th Jun 2015

    My boyfriend is buying a house for himself and myself as we have a baby on the way. He has come to me with the mortgage deed to sign and the way it is worded insinuates that I would have no interest in the property against the Lender.
    I just need to know before signing this that if my boyfriend and I were to break up in the future, would I be forced out of my home? If so this would result in me moving miles away back to my parents home and would my child have to stay, as it would be his home?

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    By Guest on 18/06/2015

    The short answer is that by signing the mortgage deed or consent form, you are giving up your legal rights as an occupier.

    The lender will insist on this as a condition of lending money to your partner.

    If your partner defaulted on his mortgage, and the bank repossessed the house, then you wouldn't be able to claim rights as an occupier, and you, your partner and your children would have to move out.

    If you are unsure of your position, you should take specific, independent legal advice.

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