• Who Pays The Estates Company Who Own The Leasehold To Confirm The Account Is Up To Date?

    By Guest on 27th Apr 2015

    I am purchasing a terraced house whose leasehold is held by an private Estates company. I have been told this company mau charge up to £150 to confirm in writing that the ground rent payment of £3 p.a.is up to date. Who pays this : the seller/owner or the buyer?

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    By Guest on 14/10/2016


    It is the seller that should pay as it is his responsibility to answer the reasonable enquiries that you raise, including if these means paying a third party for the replies. £150 is a rip off but sadly is quite common. If you are getting a mortgage your solicitor is under a duty to your lender to get the receipt, which of course the estates company know.

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