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    By Guest on 26th May 2015

    I hope someone can help, I have been doing some investigation on a derelict rural Property near my sister, The owner died some 80 years ago with no known next of kin, till an elderly man (relative) came out of the woodwork and took possession for some 20-30 years, he then too past away, and there was a sever house fire at the property with left it in a poor state.. this was 50 years ago. It has stood empty since then, the local council have no records of its existence, and it isn't registered with the land registry, how do I, or can I claim the land and rebuild the existing building?

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    By Guest on 31/05/2015

    In order to claim ownership via adverse possession you would need to have occupied the property as though it was your own (or if you are not able to occupy acted in some other such as securing it and perhaps carrying out repair work) for at least 12 years. You would need to be able to prove it by swearing a statutory declaration. You should note that making a false declaration is a criminal offence.

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