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    By Guest on 29th Mar 2015

    i have been in my property for 16 years. We have clear large hedge boundaries. There was a kitchen, garage build some 25 years ago or more. We have building plots for sale,has come to the solic notice our house and a very small part of the new houses garage, we do not own. Our solic is no longer around, so cant get bk to them. We contacted our solic to get on to land reg, and they have said we have to pay for insurance incase some one comes to claim land, which is so silly and impossible as the house has been there over 100 years and I have boundries clear on a map. Now the new plot owners what us to pay 550 pounds the insure there strip of land that we don't own. so they can build their garage.The land behind the new garage we do own and they are able to buy. I just don't know what to do. please help

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    By Guest on 05/04/2015

    From the sound of it you will have to pay for indemnity insurance (or at least someone will, you could always insist the buyer pays but then again the buyer could refuse). You say that it is impossible for someone to claim ownership of the land but the fact is that unless and until you are registered as the legal owner (and find the deeds that prove your ownership) there is a risk however small and the buyers are right to insist on being protected. You could make an "adverse possession" application on the basis that you have occupied the land for more than 12 years as though it were your own but even then you would most likely only be registered with "possessory title", meaning that the land would still be bound by any rights or covenants that affect the land buy that you don't know about and insurance would still be required.

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