• Title Absolute Restriction. No Dispositon By A Sole Propreietor Of Land

    By Guest on 02nd Jun 2015

    how easy is it to get this removed from my title deeds. I am trying to get a re-mortgage of my property. I am the sole proprietor of the property and I am advised to get this removed as this should have been done previously when I took ownership of the property, My ex husband has no claim on the house.

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    By Guest on 02/06/2015

  • By Guest on 05/06/2015

    You will need to sign a Statement of Truth confirming that you are solely legally and beneficially entitled to the property. It will need to outline the circumstances that lead you to become solely entitled. This then needs to be submitted to the Land Registry with form RX3. Your solicitor should be able to prepare the statement and application for you. Beware though that to make a false statement is a criminal offence

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